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transitive verb
1. (to recognize) 
a. to identify 
La víctima no identificó a ninguno de los sospechosos en la rueda de reconocimiento.The victim didn't identify any of the suspects in the police lineup.
2. (to associate) 
a. to identify 
Mucha gente identifica la música rap con las drogas y la violencia.Many people identify rap music with drugs and violence.
pronominal verb
3. (to state one's identity) 
a. to identify oneself 
"¡Detente e identifícate!", gritó el guardia."Stop right there and identify yourself!," yelled the guard.
4. (to have affinity with) 
a. to identify with 
Shuntaro dice que no se identifica con la cultura japonesa porque fue criado en España.Shuntaro says he doesn't identify with Japanese culture because he was raised in Spain.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to identify 
pronominal verb
2. (general) 
identificarse conto identify with
¡identifíquese!identify yourself!
transitive verb
1 (reconocer) to identify
han identificado al ladrón they have identified the thief; aún no han identificado las causas de la tragedia the causes of the tragedy have still not been identified
lo primero es identificar el problema
una víctima sin identificar an unidentified victim
2 (equiparar)
no identifiques violencia con juventud don't think that young people and violence automatically go together; siempre la identificaban con causas humanitarias she was always identified o associated with humanitarian causes
pronominal verb
1 (demostrar la identidad) to identify o.s.
se identificó como el padre del niño he identified himself as the child's father; la policía les pidió que se identificaran the police asked them to show their identity cards
identificarse con to identify with; muchos jóvenes se identifican con este personaje many young people identify with this character; se identificaba con las víctimas del racismo he identified with victims of racism
Verb Conjugations for identificar
Gerund: identificando
Participle: identificado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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