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sustantivo & adjetivo
1. ideal (m)
ideal [aɪˈdɪəl]
[+opportunity, weight, conditions, solution] ideal
we do not live in an ideal world no vivimos en un mundo ideal; he is the ideal person for the job es la persona ideal para el puesto; an ideal place to live un sitio ideal para vivir
ideal (m)
adjective & masculine noun
1. ideal
es el marido ideal he is the ideal husband; un mundo ideal an ideal world; nuestra casa ideal our dream house o home; lo ideal es poder hacerlo tú mismo ideally you would be able to do it yourself; the ideal thing is to be able to do it yourself; lo ideal sería que el aparcamiento fuera gratis ideally the parking would be free; the ideal thing would be for the parking to be free; lo ideal para ella sería un piso en el centro the ideal thing for her would be a flat in the centre of town
1 (modelo) ideal
el ideal de belleza masculina the ideal of masculine beauty
2 (deseo) ideal
mi ideal es vivir junto al mar my ideal is to live by the sea
3 ideales (valores) ideals
jóvenes sin ideales young people with no ideals
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