ideal [aɪˈdɪəl]
[+opportunity, weight, conditions, solution] ideal
we do not live in an ideal world no vivimos en un mundo ideal; he is the ideal person for the job es la persona ideal para el puesto; an ideal place to live un sitio ideal para vivir
ideal (m)
1. (optimal) 
a. ideal 
En un mundo ideal no habría guerra. In an ideal world there would be no war.
b. perfect 
Si nos puedes recoger a las 8 am, eso sería ideal.If you could pick us up at 8 am, that would be perfect.
masculine noun
2. (archetype) 
a. ideal 
El ideal de la belleza cambia de cultura a cultura.The ideal of beauty changes from culture to culture.
3. (goal) 
a. aspiration 
El ideal de todo ser humano debe ser ayudar a los demás.The aspiration of every human being should be to help others.
plural noun
4. (principles) 
a. ideals 
El visionario siempre fue fiel a sus ideales, sin importar el costo.The visionary was always true to his ideals, no matter the cost.
es el marido ideal he is the ideal husband; un mundo ideal an ideal world; nuestra casa ideal our dream house o home; lo ideal es poder hacerlo tú mismo ideally you would be able to do it yourself; the ideal thing is to be able to do it yourself; lo ideal sería que el aparcamiento fuera gratis ideally the parking would be free; the ideal thing would be for the parking to be free; lo ideal para ella sería un piso en el centro the ideal thing for her would be a flat in the centre of town
1 (modelo) ideal
el ideal de belleza masculina the ideal of masculine beauty
2 (deseo) ideal
mi ideal es vivir junto al mar my ideal is to live by the sea
3 ideales (valores) ideals
jóvenes sin ideales young people with no ideals
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