Hurt in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. dolor (m) (emotional)
2. dolido(a) (emotionally) (person); dolorido(a) (look); herido(a) (feelings)
  • are you hurt? ¿te has hecho daño?; (after falling) ¿estás herido? (wounded)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp hurt)
3. hacer daño a (physically)perjudicar
  • to hurt oneself (sentido figurado) (chances, prospects) hacerse daño
  • to hurt one's foot hacerse daño en un pie
  • to get hurt hacerse daño
  • it wouldn't hurt him to have to wait (sentido figurado) no le va a pasar nada por que espere
4. herir (emotionally)
  • to hurt somebody's feelings herir los sentimientos de alguien
intransitive verb
5. doler (cause pain)
  • it hurts me duele
  • where does it hurt? ¿dónde te duele?
  • my foot hurts me duele el pie
6. resultar doloroso(a), doler (emotionally)
hurt [hɜːt] hurt (past)
transitive verb
1 (do physical damage to) hacer daño a; lastimar; (LAm)
how did you hurt your finger/leg? ¿cómo te has hecho daño en el dedo/la pierna?; ¿cómo te has lastimado el dedo/la pierna?; (LAm)
I hope I haven't hurt you
ten people were hurt in the accident diez personas resultaron heridas en el accidente; to hurt o.s. hacerse daño; lastimarse; (LAm) did you hurt yourself? ¿te has hecho daño?; ¿te has lastimado?; (LAm) mind you don't hurt yourself cuidado no te hagas daño
he's not badly hurt no está herido de gravedad
to get hurt resultar herido
someone is bound to get hurt seguro que alguien resulta herido
to hurt a fly
he wouldn't hurt a fly sería incapaz de matar una mosca
2 (cause physical pain to)
did I hurt you? ¿te he hecho daño?; ¿te he lastimado?; (LAm) stop it! you're hurting me! ¡para! ¡me estás haciendo daño!; ¡para! ¡me estás lastimando!; (LAm) my leg is hurting me me duele la pierna; my feet are hurting me me duelen los pies
3 (have bad effect on) [+person]
it wouldn't hurt you to try no pierdes nada intentándolo; it wouldn't hurt her to try and save some money no le vendría mal intentar ahorrar algo de dinero; one little glass of wine won't hurt him un vasito de vino no le va a hacer daño; a little hard work never hurt anyone nadie se ha muerto nunca por trabajar un poco duro; trabajar duro nunca le ha hecho daño a nadie
[+prospects, chances, reputation] perjudicar
I don't want to hurt my prospects by turning down this promotion Dorrell stood down to avoid hurting Clarke's chances of the leadership scandals such as these are hurting the Tory party's reputation
high interest rates are hurting small businesses los tipos de interés altos están perjudicando a las pequeñas empresas
4 (cause emotional pain to) hacer daño a
I was deeply hurt by his attitude su actitud me hizo mucho daño; I didn't mean to hurt you no era mi intención hacerte sufrir or hacerte daño; this is going to hurt me much more than it's going to hurt you esto me va a doler mucho más a mí que a ti
to be easily hurt ser muy susceptible
she's very easily hurt
you've hurt her feelings la has ofendido
his feelings were hurt by what you said lo que dijiste lo ofendió or hirió sus sentimientos
she was bound to get hurt estaba claro que iba a terminar sufriendo
he's a married man - she was bound to get hurt
intransitive verb
1 (give physical pain) [+arm, leg, foot etc] doler
my arm hurts me duele el brazo; my feet hurt me duelen los pies; ow, that hurts! ¡ay! ¡duele!; it doesn't hurt much no duele mucho; it only hurts a little bit solo duele un poquito; it hurts when I walk me duele cuando ando or al andar; does it hurt? ¿te duele?; where does it hurt? ¿dónde te duele?; I hurt all over me duele todo el cuerpo; my shoes are hurting me hacen daño los zapatos
to kick/hit sb where it hurts
kick him where it hurts! ¡dale una buena patada donde más les duele (a los hombres)!; she hit him where it hurts - in his wallet le dio donde más le duele - en la cartera
2 (give emotional pain) doler
it hurts that she said those things
it hurts to admit it but ... duele or cuesta admitirlo pero ...; the truth hurts la verdad duele
nothing hurts like the truth
3 (do harm)
it doesn't hurt to ask por preguntar no se pierde nada
did you find out if they sell that type of wood? It doesn't/never hurts to ask.
it wouldn't hurt to let your mum know you'll be late no te costaría nada avisarle a tu madre que vas a llegar tarde
4 especially (US) (feel pain) sufrir
you're hurting now, but in a few months time you'll be over her
1 (injured) [+part of body] lastimado
James, are you hurt? James, ¿te has hecho daño?; James, ¿te has lastimado?; especially (LAm)
the soldier was badly hurt.
2 (upset) [+person, tone] dolido
he gave me a slightly hurt look me miró un poco dolido
Little Alba looked back at him with a hurt expression in her big, round eyes
to be/feel hurt estar/sentirse dolido
he felt hurt at being wrongly accused you're bound to feel hurt if someone rejects you I was hurt at the way she dismissed my suggestion I was hurt not have been invited
(emotional pain) dolor (m); pena (f)
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