1. (feeling a desire for food) 
There are too many hungry children in the world.Hay demasiados niños hambrientos en el mundo.
2. (feeling a desire for food; used with "to be") 
I'm so hungry that I could eat a bear.Tengo tanta hambre que me comería un oso.
3. (desirous of; used with "to be" and "for") 
He is hungry for affection.Está ávido de cariño.
1. (general) 
a. hambriento(a) 
to be hungrytener hambre
to be as hungry as a wolftener un hambre canina
to be hungry for knowledgetener ansias de conocimiento
hungry [ˈhʌŋɡrɪ]
hungrier (comparative)hungriest (superlative)
1 (gen) [+person, animal] hambriento
pictures of hungry children imágenes de niños hambrientos; he looked at the cake with hungry eyes miró el pastel con anhelo; digging up the road is hungry work cavar la calle es un trabajo que da hambre or abre el apetito; to be hungry tener hambre; to feel hungry tener hambre; to go hungry pasar hambre; we were late for tea so we had to go hungry llegamos tarde para la cena y tuvimos que quedarnos sin comer; all this work is making me hungry todo este trabajo me está dando hambre; talking about food is making me hungry hablando de comida se me está abriendo el apetito
2 (eager)
to be hungry for [+adventure, knowledge] tener hambre or sed de; estar hambriento or sediento de; to be hungry for power tener sed or estar sediento de poder
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