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1. cien (m) (in general and before “thousand”, “million”, etc); ciento (m) (before other numbers)
  • one or a hundred -> cien
  • one or a hundred thousand -> cien mil
  • a hundred and twenty-five books -> ciento veinticinco libros
  • two hundred books -> doscientos libros
  • a hundred and one details (sentido figurado) -> mil y un detalles
  • to live to be a hundred -> vivir hasta los cien años
  • I've told you hundreds of times -> te lo he dicho cientos de veces
  • hundreds and thousands (cocina) -> gragea (f) or anises mpl de colores
2. cien
  • a hundred kilometers an hour -> cien kilómetros por hora
  • one or a hundred per cent -> cien por cien, ciento por ciento, cien por ciento (Am)
  • to be a hundred per cent certain -> estar seguro(a) al cien por cien or cien por ciento (Am)
  • I'm not feeling a hundred per cent -> no me encuentro del todo bien
  • the hundred meters -> los cien metros (lisos) (in athletics)
  • the hundred Years' War -> la guerra de los Cien Años

hundred [jan-drid]
1. Ciento.
2. Centena o centenar, un ciento.
  • Five hundred pages -> quinientas páginas
  • By hundreds -> a centenares
  • A hundred-weight -> quintal, el peso de cien libras o cuatro arrobas
  • Hundred-fold -> centuplo, cien veces una cantidad cualquiera
  • To increase a hundredfold -> centuplicar
3. División de los contados en Inglaterra en ciertos distritos.

hundred [ˈhʌndrɪd]
a or one hundred (before noun, or used alone) cien; (before numbers up to 99) ciento; a or one hundred people cien personas; to count up to a or one hundred contar hasta cien; a hundred and one/two ciento uno/dos; a or one hundred and ten ciento diez; a or one hundred thousand cien mil; two hundred doscientos; three hundred trescientos; five hundred people quinientas personas; five hundred and one quinientos uno; seven hundred euros setecientos euros; nine hundred pounds novecientas libras; a hundred per cent cien por cien; to live to be a hundred llegar a los cien años; the hundred and first el centésimo primero
2 (figure) ciento (m)
3 (large number)
in hundreds by the hundred a centenares
for hundreds of thousands of years durante centenares de miles de años; hundreds of people centenares de personas; I've got hundreds of letters to write tengo que escribir cientos de cartas; I've told you hundreds of times te lo he dicho cientos or centenares de veces; I've got a hundred and one things to do tengo la mar de cosas que hacer
the Hundred Years' War (n) la Guerra de los Cien Años
"Ciento" or "cien"?
Use cien before a noun (even when it follows mil):
... a or one hundred soldiers ... ... cien soldados ...
... eleven hundred metres ... ... mil cien metros ...
Don't translate numbers like eleven hundred literally. Translate their equivalent in thousands and hundreds instead.
Use cien before mil and millón:
... a or one hundred thousand dollars ... ... cien mil dólares ...
... a or one hundred million euros ... ... cien millones de euros ...
But use ciento before another number:
... a or one hundred and sixteen stamps ... ... ciento dieciséis sellos ...
When hundred follows another number, use the compound forms (doscientos, -as, trescientos, -as etc) which must agree with the noun:
... two hundred and fifty women ... ... doscientas cincuenta mujeres ...

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