"hundir" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to sink (sumergir) ;
    to bury
  • hundió el cuchillo en su espalda -> she buried the knife in his back
  • hundió los dedos en su cabello -> he ran his fingers through her hair
2. to devastate, to destroy (afligir)
  • el anuncio de su muerte hundió a la familia -> his family was devastated by the news of his death
3. to ruin (hacer fracasar)
pronomial verb
1. to sink (sumergirse) ; to dive (intencionadamente)
2. to collapse (derrumbarse) ; to cave in (techo)
  • el estadio se hundió tras el tercer gol del equipo (figurative) -> the stadium went wild after the team scored its third goal
3. to be devastated (afligirse)
  • se hundió tras conocer su despido -> he was devastated when he found out that he was being made redundant
4. to be ruined (fracasar)

hundir [oon-deer’]
article & verb transitive
1. To submerge (sumergir), to immerge, to put under water.
2. To sink, to crush, to overwhelm, to beat down.
3. To refute, to confound.
4. To sink, to make to fall, to pull or bear down, to destroy, to ruin, (edificio).
verb reflexive
5. To sink, to fall down, to fall to a level.
6. To sink (arena, lodo), to go to the bottom.
7. (coll.) To hide, to lie hidden: applied to things which cannot be found.
8. To have dissensions and quarrels.
  • Se hundió la economía -> the economy collapsed
  • Se hundió en la meditación -> he became lost in meditation

1 (en agua) to sink
2 (destruir) [+edificio] to ruin; destroy; cause the collapse of; [+plan] to sink; ruin
3 (desmoralizar) to demoralize
me hundes en la miseria you are driving me to ruin
1 (en agua) [+barco] to sink; [+nadador] to plunge; go down
se hundió en el estudio de la historia he immersed himself in the study of history; he became absorbed in the study of history; se hundió en la meditación he became lost in thought
2 (derrumbarse) [+edificio] to collapse; fall down; tumble down; [+terreno] to cave in; subside
3 (económicamente)
el negocio se hundió the business failed o went under o went to the wall; se hundieron los precios prices slumped; la economía se hundió the economy collapsed
4 (moralmente) to collapse; break down
hundirse en la miseria to get really low o depressed

Verb Conjugations for "hundir" (go to to sink)


yo hundo hundí hundía hundiría hundiré
hundes hundiste hundías hundirías hundirás
él/ella/Ud. hunde hundió hundía hundiría hundirá
nosotros hundimos hundimos hundíamos hundiríamos hundiremos
vosotros hundís hundisteis hundíais hundiríais hundiréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. hunden hundieron hundían hundirían hundirán
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