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humor, humor
1. humor (m) (in general) (Estados Unidos); gracia (f) (of a situation, a story)
  • sense of humor, humor sentido (m) del humor
  • to be in good/bad humor, humor (Formal) estar de buen/mal humor
transitive verb
2. complacer (indulge)
humor [ˈhjuːməʳ]
transitive verb
masculine noun
1. mood (estado de ánimo) ; temperament (carácter)
  • estar de buen/mal humor to be in a good/bad mood
  • estar de un humor de perros to be in a filthy mood
2. humor (gracia)
  • un programa de humor a comedy program
  • no tiene sentido del humor she doesn't have a sense of humor
  • en vez de enfadarme, me lo tomé con humor rather than get upset, I just laughed it off
  • humor negro black humor
3. mood (ganas)
  • no estoy de humor I'm not in the mood
  • no está de humor para ponerse a cocinar she doesn't feel like cooking
4. humor (anatomy)
1 (estado de ánimo) mood; humour; humor; (EEUU) temper
buen humor good humour; good mood; en un tono de mal humor in an ill-tempered tone; estar de buen/mal humor to be in a good/bad mood; be in a good/bad temper; me pone de mal humor it puts me in a bad mood; no tengo humor para fiestas I'm not in a party mood; seguir el humor a algn to humour sb; go along with sb's mood
un humor de perros a filthy mood o temper
2 (gracia) humour; humor; (EEUU) humorousness (formal)
humor negro black humour
(Med) (Biología) humour; humor; (EEUU)
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