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"humble" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. humilde (meek, unpretentious)
  • in my humble opinion -> en mi humilde opinión
  • to eat humble pie (sentido figurado) -> tragarse sus palabras (admit one was wrong)
verbo transitivo
2. humillar, poner en su sitio (defeat)
  • to be humbled (by something) -> sacar una lección de humildad (de algo)

humble [jam-bel]
1. Humilde, modesto (modest), sumiso, bajo, casero.
  • In my humble opinion -> en mi modesta opinión
1. Humillar (humiliate), postrar, abatir el orgullo y la soberbia.
2. Domar, aniquilar, abatir, confundir.
  • The battle of Waterloo humbled the power of Napoleon -> la batalla de Waterloo aniquiló el poder de Napoleón

humble [ˈhʌmbl]
humbler (comparative)humblest (superlative)
1 (unassuming) [+person] humilde; modesto; [+apology] humilde
she was very humble about her achievements era muy modesta respecto a sus éxitos; my humble apologies for keeping you waiting mis más humildes disculpas por tenerle esperando; in my humble opinion en mi humilde or modesta opinión; I am or remain your humble servant (in letters) su humilde or seguroasegura servidoraservidora;a segura a servidora
2 (lowly) [+person, origins, background] humilde
Spyros Latsis started his career as a humble fisherman in the Aegean He had enjoyed a rather successful career as a publisher, rising from humble salesman to editorial director of a paperback company ...a humble [curate] in a small country region... and women from very humble [backgrounds]. His views come from his own humble beginnings
[+house, home] humilde; modesto
In reality it was no more than a humble pre-fabricated wooden house Even the most humble home has a meticulously clean, well-stocked and ordered storeroom There are restaurants, both humble and expensive, that specialize in them
the humble maggot el humilde gusano
...the humble kale, one of the easiest crops to grow Elegant and exotic or plain and simple, the humble potato is the ultimate standby Now even the humble maggot is coming under scrutiny
welcome to our humble abode bienvenido a nuestra humilde morada
1 (make humble) dar una lección de humildad a
Ted's words humbled me Ted me dio una lección de humildad con sus palabras
millions of viewers were humbled by this story to humble sb
it was a humbling experience fue una lección de humildad
working in the hospice was a humbling experience
to humble o.s. before God acercarse a Dios con humildad
2 (defeat) humillar
the team that humbled British football pride. el equipo que humilló el orgullo del fútbol británico
humble pie (n)
to eat humble pie morder el polvo
Anson was forced to eat humble pie and publicly apologise to her

Verb Conjugations for "humble" (go to humilde)


I humble I humbled I will humble
you humble you humbled you will humble
he/she humbles he/she humbled he/she will humble
we humble we humbled we will humble
you humble you humbled you will humble
they humble they humbled they will humble
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