huellas you tread
The word huellas is the present form of hollar in the second person singular. See the full hollar conjugation.


transitive verb
1. (to step on) 
a. to tread 
Tuvimos que hollar un sendero a través de la maleza para llegar al río.We had to tread a path through the undergrowth to reach the river.
Neil Armstrong fue el primer hombre en hollar la superficie de la luna.Neil Armstrong was the first man to tread on the surface of the moon.
2. (to crush with feet) 
Alguien holló las flores de mi jardín y las destrozó todas.Someone trampled on the flowers in my garden and ruined them all.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to tread (on) 
transitive verb
1 (pisar) to tread; tread on
2 (pisotear) to trample down
3 (humillar) to humiliate
Phrases with "huellas"
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huellas digitales
dejar huellas
to leave footprints, to leave tracks
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