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1. hogar (m) unidad (f) familiar (español de España)
  • household appliance electrodoméstico (m)
  • household chores tareas (f pl) domésticas
  • to be a household name ser un nombre conocidísimo (famous person)
household [ˈhaʊshəʊld]
(home) casa (f); (family) familia (f);
household accounts (n) cuentas (f) de la casa
Household Cavalry (n) (Mil) Guardia (f) Real
household chores (n) quehaceres (m) domésticos; tareas (f) de la casa
household expenses (n) gastos (m) de la casa
household gods (n) penates (m)
household goods (n) enseres (m) domésticos
household linen (n) ropa (f) blanca
household name (n)
he's a household name es una persona conocidísima
household refuse (n) basura (f) doméstica; residuos (m) domésticos
household soap (n) jabón (m) familiar
household troops (n) (Britain) guardia (f) real
household word (n)
it's a household word es el pan de cada día
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