transitive verb
1. (to respect) 
a. to honor (United States) 
Es habitual honrar a los muertos llevando flores a su tumba.It's common to honor the dead by bringing flowers to their graves.
b. to honour (United Kingdom) 
La Biblia explica varias formas en que los creyentes pueden honrar a Dios.The Bible explains several ways in which believers can honour God.
2. (to give honor to) 
a. to honor (United States) 
A Pedro le honra a María por haber venido a su cumpleaños desde tan lejos.Pedro honors Maria by coming to her birthday from so far away.
b. to honour (United Kingdom) 
Donar la totalidad del premio a la caridad honra al concursante.Donating the whole prize to the charity does the contestant honour.
pronominal verb
3. (to be proud) 
a. to be honored (United States) 
Luis se honra de aceptar el premio para ser el mejor actor del año.Luis is honored to accept the award for being the best actor of the year.
b. to be honoured (United Kingdom) 
Me honro con el cariño que siempre me ha demostrado mi familia.I am honoured with the affection my family has always shown me.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to honor 
nos honró con su presenciashe honored us with her presence
su sinceridad le honrahis sincerity does him credit
pronominal verb
2. (general) 
a. to be honored 
me honro de ser su amigoI feel honored to be his friend
transitive verb
1 (enorgullecer) to honour; honor; (EEUU)
ser orgullo de
un gesto que le honra a gesture to be proud of
2 (respetar) to honour; honor; (EEUU) revere (formal)
honra a tus mayores
3 (Com) to honour; honor; (EEUU)
pronominal verb
honrarse con algo to be honoured o honored by sth; (EEUU) me honro con su amistad I am honoured by his friendship; I am privileged to be his friend; honrarse de hacer algo to be honoured to do sth; consider it an honour to do sth
Verb Conjugations for honrar
Gerund: honrando
Participle: honrado
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