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  • sombrero hongo bowler hat (British), derby (United States)
masculine noun
1. fungus (biology)
2. mushroom (comestible) (especially Am); toadstool (no comestible)
  • hongos fungus, fungal infection (enfermedad)
3. (sombrero)
  • (sombrero) hongo bowler (hat) (British), derby (United States)
1 (Botánica) fungus
2 (Med) fungal growth
tengo hongos en los pies I have athlete's foot; I have a fungal infection on my feet
3 (seta) (comestible) mushroom; (venenoso) toadstool
un enorme hongo de humo an enormous mushroom cloud of smoke
crecen o proliferan como hongos they sprout up like mushrooms
4 (sombrero) bowler hat; derby; (EEUU)
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