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1. santo(a)
  • the holy Bible la Sagrada Biblia
  • holy cow or smoke or mackerel! (familiar) ¡madre del amor hermoso!
  • holy Communion Sagrada Comunión (f)
  • the holy Father el Santo Padre
  • the holy Ghost el Espíritu Santo
  • holy Joe (familiar Pej) meapilas (sustantivo masculino invariable)
  • the holy Land Tierra Santa
  • holy orders sagradas órdenes (f pl)
  • the holy Spirit el Espíritu Santo
  • holy war guerra (f) santa
  • holy water agua (f) bendita
  • holy Week Semana (f) Santa
holy [ˈhəʊlɪ] holier (comparative)holiest (superlative)
[+place, book] sagrado; santo; [+church, shrine] sagrado; [+person] santo; [+day] de precepto
the holiest day in the Jewish calendar el principal día de precepto or la principal fiesta de guardar del calendario judío
holy cow or mackerel or smoke! ¡(por) Dios bendito! (informal)
"Holy cow, I don't believe it!" "Oswald has been shot — Holy mackerel!" "Holy smoke, what's wrong with these guys?"
holy shit! ¡mierda! (very_informal)
I thought, "holy shit! What am I doing"?
to be a holy terror [+child] ser (más malo que) un demonio
the Holy Bible (n) la Santa Biblia
the Holy City (n) la Ciudad Santa
Holy Communion (n) Sagrada Comunión (f)
...the Sunday celebration of Holy Communion
the Holy Father (n) el Santo Padre
...they renewed their vows in the Holy Father's presence
the Holy Ghost (n) el Espíritu Santo
the Holy Grail (n) el Santo Grial
the Holy Land (n) la Tierra Santa
...pilgrimages to the Holy Land
holy man (n) santón (m)
holy matrimony (n) santo matrimonio (m)
Here we were, about to be joined in holy matrimony
holy oil (n) santos óleos (m)
Father Cuthbert had anointed his eyes, brow, mouth, hands and feet with holy oil
holy orders (n) órdenes (f) sagradas
Afterwards he trained for holy orders
to be in holy orders ser sacerdote
I learned he was once in Holy Orders
to take holy orders ordenarse sacerdote
The church had finally relented and allowed women to take holy orders
the Holy Roman Empire (n) el Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico
Holy Saturday (n) Sábado (m) Santo
the Holy See (n) la Santa Sede
the Holy Sepulchre (n) el Santo Sepulcro
the Holy Spirit (n) el Espíritu Santo
I believe in the Holy Spirit
the Holy Trinity (n) la Santísima Trinidad
holy war (n) guerra (f) santa
holy water (n) agua (f) bendita
Holy Week (n) Semana (f) Santa
...the Holy Week procession in Seville
Holy Writ (n) Sagradas Escrituras (f)
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