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1. hueco (m) ; depresión (f) (in ground)
2. hueco(a) (container, log); hundido(a) (cheek, eyes)
3. hueco(a), resonante (sound)
  • in a hollow voice con voz hueca
  • a hollow laugh una risa sardónica
4. vacío(a) (promise, guarantee)
  • hollow victory victoria (f) deslucida
  • to sound hollow sonar a hueco
5. (familiar)
  • to beat somebody hollow dar una (buena) paliza a alguien
hollow [ˈhɒləʊ]
1 [+tree, object] hueco; [+cheeks, eyes] hundido
it's hollow (inside) está hueco (por dentro); his eyes were hollow tenía los ojos hundidos; she had a hollow feeling in her stomach tenía una sensación de vacío en el estómago; he felt hollow inside se sentía vacío por dentro; look how much you've eaten, you must have hollow legs! ¡qué barbaridad, lo que has comido! ¡debes de tener la solitaria!
2 [+gesture, laugh] falso; [+threat, promise] vano; falso; [+words] hueco; vacío; [+person, victory, success] vacío
their marriage was a hollow sham su matrimonio era una pura farsa or pantomima; to ring or sound hollow sonar (a) falso
A declaration of support without action sounds pretty hollow
his denial has a hollow ring (to it) su negativa suena a falso
3 [+sound, noise] hueco
...the hollow sound of a gunshot
a deep, hollow voice whispered his name una voz profunda y cavernosa susurró su nombre; her voice sounded tired and hollow su voz sonaba cansada y apagada
1 (hole) hueco (m)
2 (depression) (in ground, surface) hoyo (m)
the hollow of one's hand el cuenco or la cuenca de la mano; (Méx)
to beat sb hollow dar una paliza a algn (informal)
...the first independent operator to take on the big boys and beat them hollow ...an exercise in which toadying employees could demonstrate their suitability for promotion by letting their bosses beat them hollow
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