usage note
The word "hockey" is used for both sports in the US, but only for field hockey in the UK.
1. (sport) 
a. el hockey (M) 
I like to play hockey with my friends.Me gusta jugar al hockey con mis amigos.
2. (sport played on ice) (United States) 
There is a hockey match between USA and Canada tonight.Esta noche hay un partido de hockey sobre hielo entre EE. UU. y Canadá.
3. (sport played on grass) 
The hockey game is going to be played on artificial grass.El partido de hockey se disputará sobre hierba artificial.
1. (on grass) (United Kingdom) 
a. el hockey (sobre hierba or (M) 
b. césped) (Latin America) 
2. (on ice) (United States) 
a. hockey (sobre hielo) 
hockey pitchcampo de hockey
hockey stickstick m, palo de hockey
hockey [ˈhɒkɪ]
hockey (m);(also field hockey) hockey (m) sobre hierba;(also ice hockey) hockey (m) sobre hielo
hockey player (n) jugadorajugadora (m) (f) de hockey;a jugadora
hockey stick (n) palo (m) de hockey
masculine noun
1. (sport) 
a. hockey 
Mi equipo de hockey ganó el título de liga.My hockey team won the league title.
b. field hockey (United States) 
¿Juegas al hockey?Do you play field hockey?
1. (general) 
a. hockey 
hockey sobre patinesroller hockey
hockey [ˈoki] [ˈxoki]
hockey; field hockey; (EEUU)
hockey sobre hielo ice hockey; hockey; (EEUU)
hockey sobre hierba hockey
hockey sobre patines roller hockey
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hockey stick 
el palo de hockey 
field hockey 
el hockey sobre hierba 
ice hockey 
el hockey sobre hielo 
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