ho [jo]
  • inter -> 1. ¡Eh! ¡basta! ¡mira, hola! voz con la cual se llama o avisa a alguno. 2. V.

1 (Comm) etchead office
2 (Britain) (Pol) Home Office

h, h.
(abrev de hora)
1. hr, h.

h [ah’-chay]
1. eighth letter of the Castilian alphabet, is now treated as a mere aspiration. (f)
The moderns use h to soften the pronunciation of many words, as facer, fijo, are now written hacer, hijo. For the same purpose it is placed before u, followed by e, in many words derived from the Latin; as huevo, from ovum, an egg; hueso, from os. The h is never sounded in the Spanish language except by the people in Andalusia, Extremadura, and the former Spanish possessions in America. The words in which h was preceded by a p, and took the sound of f, are now written as pronounced, thus: fenómeno, phenomenon. After r and t the h is entirely omitted, as in, reuma, rheum, teatro, theater; but it is retained, but not aspirated, in all words which originally began with h, or between two vowels, as honor, almohaza. Symbol of hydrogen.

hora h.; hr.

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