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1. alquiler (m) (of car, room, suit) (británico)renta (f) (español de México)
  • for hire libre (taxi)
  • bicycles for hire se alquilan or (en letrero) rentan bicicletas (español de México)
  • hire car coche (m) or carro (m) or (Am) auto (m) de alquiler (CSur), carro (m) rentado (español de México)
transitive verb
2. contratar (lawyer, worker); alquilar (car, room, suit) (británico), rentar (español de México)
hire [ˈhaɪəʳ]
transitive verb
[+car, house] alquilar; arrendar; (LAm) [+employee] contratar
they hired a lawyer contrataron a un abogado; hired hand jornaleroajornalera (m) (f);a jornalera enganchadoaenganchada (m) (f);a enganchada hired assassin or killer asesinoaasesina (m) (f) a sueldo;a asesina hired car coche (m) de alquiler
intransitive verb
she's in charge of hiring and firing at the company es la encargada de contratar y despedir al personal en la empresa
...such fundamentals as property, taxation, and the hiring and firing of staff I believe that hiring and firing is a thing of the past
[of car] alquiler (m); arriendo (m); (LAm) [of person] salario (m); jornal (m)
for hire se alquila or arrienda; (LAm) (on taxi) libre; to be on hire estar de alquiler; we've got it on hire for a week lo tenemos alquilado para una semana
hire car (n) (Britain) coche (m) de alquiler
hire charges (n) tarifa (f) de alquiler
hire purchase (n) (Britain) compra (f) a plazos
to buy sth on hire purchase comprar algo a plazos
hire purchase agreement (n) acuerdo (m) de compra a plazos
hire purchase finance company (n) compañía (f) de crédito comercial
Verb Conjugations for contratar
Gerund: contratando
Participle: contratado
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