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masculine noun
1. (material)
a. iron
Gran parte de la infraestructura del edificio está hecha de hierro.Much of the building's infrastructure is made of iron.
2. (for branding cattle)
a. branding iron
El vaquero usó un hierro para marcar sus vacas.The cowboy used a branding iron to brand his cows.
3. (sports)
a. iron (golf)
El caddie buscó el hierro 12.The caddie looked for the 12 iron.
4. (weapon made of iron)
a. iron
El caballero traía su hierro y su espada.The knight carried his iron and his shield.
masculine noun
1. iron (metal)
  • un hierro a piece of metal
  • quitarle hierro a algo (figurative) to play something down
  • tener una salud de hierro (figurative) to have an iron constitution
  • hierro forjado/fundido wrought/cast iron
2. blade (de puñal) ; point (de flecha)
  • quien a hierro mata a hierro muere (Prov) he who lives by the sword dies by the sword
1 (metal) iron
de hierro iron
fuerte como el hierro like iron; tough
llevar hierro a Vizcaya to carry coals to Newcastle
machacar en hierro frío to flog a dead horse; beat one's head against a brick wall
quitar hierro a algo to play sth down
hierro acanalado corrugated iron
hierro batido wrought iron
hierro bruto crude iron; pig iron
hierro colado cast iron
hierro de fundición cast iron
hierro en lingotes pig iron
hierro forjado wrought iron
hierro fundido cast iron
hierro ondulado corrugated iron
hierro viejo scrap iron; old iron
2 (objeto) iron object; (herramienta) tool; [de flecha, lanza] head
quien a hierro mata, a hierro muere those that live by the sword die by the sword
3 (Agr) branding-iron
4 (Golf) iron;hierros irons
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