"heridos" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to injure (físicamente); to wound (en lucha, atentado)
  • lo hirieron en el hombro -> he was wounded in the shoulder, he suffered a shoulder wound
  • la hirieron de muerte -> she was fatally wounded
2. to hurt (vista); to pierce (oído)
  • el nuevo edificio hiere la vista -> the new building is an eyesore
3. to hurt (sentimentalmente)
  • lo que dijiste le hirió profundamente -> what you said hurt him deeply

herir [ay-reer']
article & verb transitive
1. To wound, to break the continuity of any part of the body.
2. To wound, to hurt by violence, to cause either bodily or mental pain, to harm, to mischief (dañar).
3. To shine upon, to cast his beams upon, to irradiate (sol).
4. To knock, to dash together, to strike (golpear), to collide.
5. To strike, or to make an impression upon the mind or upon the senses, to affect, to touch, to move (corazón etc.) 6.
6. To offend (ofender), to pique, to irritate.
verb & verb reflexive
  • Un sonido me hirió el oído -> a sound reached my ear
  • Es un color que hiere la vista -> it’s a color which offends the eye
To play on a stringed instrument.

1 (lesionar) (gen) to injure; hurt; (con arma) to wound
herir a algn en el brazo to wound sb in the arm
2 (ofender) to hurt
me hirió en lo más hondo it really hurt me deep down
3 (irritar) [+sol, luz] to beat down on
un color que hiere la vista a colour which offends the eye
4 (golpear) to beat; strike; hit
5 (Música) to pluck; play

Verb Conjugations for "herir" (go to to hurt)


yo me hiero me herí me hería me heriría me heriré
te hieres te heriste te herías te herirías te herirás
él/ella/Ud. se hiere se hirió se hería se heriría se herirá
nosotros nos herimos nos herimos nos heríamos nos heriríamos nos heriremos
vosotros os herís os heristeis os heríais os heriríais os heriréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. se hieren se hirieron se herían se herirían se herirán
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