1. (possessive) 
a. su 
Her children are very bright.Sus hijos son muy inteligentes.
I cannot stand her attitude any longer.Ya no puedo soportar más su actitud.
2. (personal) 
a. ella (emphatic use) 
Please, explain it to her.Por favor, explícaselo a ella.
b. la (direct object) 
I love her, but she loves someone else.La amo, pero ella ama a otro.
c. le (indirect object) 
Give her all the money she needs!¡Dale todo el dinero que necesite!
1. (direct object) 
a. la 
I hate herla odio
I can forgive her son but not HERpuedo perdonar a su hijo, pero no a ella
2. (indirect object) 
a. le 
I gave her the bookle di el libro
I gave it to herse lo di
3. (after preposition) 
a. ella 
I talked to herhablé con ella
her mother lives near hersu madre vive cerca de ella
4. (as complement of verb to be) 
a. ella 
it's her!¡es ella!
it was her who did itlo hizo ella
5. (singular) 
a. su 
6. (plural) 
a. sus 
I took her carcogí su coche
7. (for parts of body, clothes) 
a. no direct translation 
her eyes are bluetiene los ojos azules
she hit her headse dio un golpe en la cabeza
she put her hands in her pocketsse metió las manos en los bolsillos
her [hɜːʳ]
1 (direct object) la
I can see her la veo; look at her! ¡mírala!; I have never seen her a ella no la he visto nunca
2 (indirect object) le; (combined with direct object pron) se
you must tell her the truth tienes que decirle la verdad; yes of course I gave her the book sí, claro que le di el libro; yes of course I gave them to her sí, claro que se los di; I gave the book to her not Peter le di el libro a ella, no a Peter; I'm speaking to her not you le estoy hablando a ella, no a ti; give it to her when you go to Liverpool dáselo cuando vayas a Liverpool; I gave it to her not Peter se lo di a ella, no a Peter
3 (after prep, in comparisons, with verb "to be") ella
he thought of her pensó en ella; without her sin ella; I'm going with her voy con ella; she was carrying it on her lo llevaba consigo; if I were her yo que ella; younger than her más joven or menor que ella; it's her es ella
possessive adjective
(with singular noun) su; (with plural noun) sus
her book/table su libro/mesa; her friends sus amigos
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