1. (religious) 
I don't believe in heaven or hell.Yo no creo en el cielo ni el infierno.
2. (unbearable experience) 
The meeting with my boss was two hours of absolute hell.Esa reunión con mi jefe fue dos horas de infierno absoluto.
3. (colloquial) (used as an intensifier) 
a. demonios (colloquial) 
What the hell are you doing?¿Qué demonios estás haciendo?
4. (colloquial) (used for emphasis) 
a. no direct translation 
Hell, I don't care what you do!¡Carajo, no me importa lo que hagas!
Hell, no! I'm not going with you!¡Ni loco voy contigo!
1. (general) 
a. el infierno (M) 
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
Hell's Angelslos ángeles del infierno
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (in phrases) 
it was hellfue un infierno
to feel like hellsentirse fatal or muy mal
to make somebody's life hellamargarle a alguien la vida
these shoes are giving me hellestos zapatos me están matando
all hell broke loosese armó la gorda or
there'll be hell to pay if…alguien lo va a pasar muy mal si…
go to hell!¡vete a la mierda!
to run like hellcorrer como alma que lleva el diablo
you can wait till hell freezes overpuedes esperar hasta que las ranas críen pelo
come hell or high waterpase lo que pase
to go hell for leatherir a toda mecha
to do something for the hell of ithacer algo porque sí
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (as intensifier) 
a hell of a priceun precio altísimo
he put up a hell of a fightopuso muchísima resistencia
to have a hell of a timepasárselo como Dios or
what the hell do you think you're doing?¿me quieres decir qué demonios estás haciendo?
who the hell are you?¿y tú quién diablos or
hell [hel]
1 (underworld, fig) infierno (m)
he didn't believe in heaven and hell
life became hell la vida se convirtió en un infierno
the hell of the Siberian labour camps
to be hell on earth ser un infierno
they are marking time in dead-end jobs, and there is no worse hell on earth being cooped up with three small children is the nearest thing I know to hell on earth the few foreigners visiting this place have called it hell on Earth
till hell freezes over hasta que las ranas críen pelo
he says he'll sit there until hell freezes over before he'll pay them one cent
to give sb hell
she gave me hell when she found out (scold) me puso de vuelta y media cuando se enteró; me puso como un trapo cuando se enteró (informal)
when my father saw it in the newspaper he gave me absolute hell
my back's giving me hell esta espalda me está haciendo la vida imposible
/the children give her hell/, particularly the older boys
to go through hell pasar las de Caín
I've been going through hell, wondering where you were he estado preocupadísimo, preguntándome dónde estarías
I went through hell with my first pregnancy they know what they want and are willing to go through hell to get it
come hell or high water pase lo que pase
I'm going to finish this come hell or high water voy a terminar esto aunque me cueste la vida or pase lo que pase; he's determined to support them come hell or high water está decidido a apoyarlos contra viento y marea or pase lo que pase
he always gets into work come hell or high water
hell for leather como un(os) endemoniado(s)
he drove hell for leather to the airport condujo hasta el aeropuerto como un endemoniado
they've been going hell for leather trying to record as much as erally raising hell I'm going to raise hell about this
all hell broke loose or was let loose se armó el gran follón or la grande
to play (merry) hell with sth hacer estragos en algo; trastornar algo
having children plays merry hell with your bank balance Divorce and remarriage play hell with property and inheritance law Slugs play merry hell with emerging shoots to [raise] hell OK, you guys destroyed things and raised hell — now you're going to fix everything
to raise hell (about sth) (protest) armarla (por algo) (informal); liar un taco (por algo) (informal)
"There's nothing left," he said. "I'm rasing hell about that at the moment" She came in and raised hell. Her son's sports bag was missing. It had everything in it — trainers, track suit, hundreds of pounds' worth
I'll see you/her {etc} in hell first antes prefiero morir
he doesn't stand a snowball or snowflake in hell's chance (Britain) no tiene ni la menor posibilidad; lo tiene muy difícil or muy crudo (informal)
hell hath no fury like a woman scorned no hay mayor peligro que el de una mujer despechada
the road or path or way to hell is paved with good intentions el camino del infierno está lleno de buenas intenciones
2 (as intensifier)
the nanny from hell she is the bitch from hell we've just been on the holiday from hell
(as) ... as hell
it was as hot as hell hacía un calor infernal; I'm mad as hell estoy como una cabra (informal) or una chota (informal); I sure as hell won't be going back there pierde cuidado que no volveré a ese sitio
they did it just for the hell of it lo hicieron por puro capricho or porque sí
(just) for the hell of it I started shouting in German, just for the hell of it it was just vandalism for the hell of it
like hell
"I'll go myself" — "like hell you will!" —iré yo mismo —¡ni lo sueñes! or ¡ni hablar!; "I swam 100 lengths" — "like hell you did" —nadé cien largos —¡eso no te lo crees ni tú!; to run like hell correr como un demonio or un diablo; it hurts like hell duele una barbaridad
I miss her like hell
a hell of a
a one hell of a [lot]
there were a hell of a lot of people there había un montañazo de gente; that's one hell of a lot of money eso sí que es un verdadero dineral; a hell of a noise un ruido de todos los demonios; un ruido tremendo; we had a hell of a time (good) lo pasamos en grande or regio; (LAm) (bad) lo pasamos fatal
the manager took a hell of a lot of money out of the club
the hell
to beat the hell out of sb dar una paliza de padre y muy señor mío a algn (informal)
he got the hell out
to scare the hell out of sb darle un susto de muerte a algn
to hell
I hope to hell you're right Dios quiera que tengas razón; I wish to hell he'd go ojalá se fuera de una vez por todas
[what] the hell!
what the hell, I've got nothing to lose ¡qué narices! or ¡qué más da! no tengo nada que perder
what the hell, I thought - at least it will give the lazy old man some exercise
what the hell do you want? ¿qué demonios or diablos quieres?
[where] the hell have I put it? where the hell have you been?
who the hell are you? ¿quién demonios or diablos eres tú?
[why] the hell ...?
3 (as interjection)
(oh) hell! ¡caray! (informal); ¡mierda! (very_informal)
hell's bells! ¡válgame Dios! (informal)
get the hell out of here! ¡vete al diablo! (very_informal)
let's get the hell out of here! ¡larguémonos de aquí! (informal)
go to hell! ¡vete al diablo! (very_informal)
hell, no! ¡ni lo sueñes!; ¡ni hablar!
"do you think you'll ever get back together again?" - "hell, no!"
hell's teeth ¡válgame Dios! (informal)
to hell with it! ¡a hacer puñetas! (very_informal)
to hell with him! ¡que se vaya a hacer puñetas! (very_informal)
to hell with this, I'm getting out of here
hell's angel (n) ángel (m) del infierno
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