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1. altura (f) (of building, mountain); estatura (f) altura (f) (of person)
  • what height are you? ¿cuánto mides?
  • to gain/lose height ganar/perder altura (plane)
  • to be afraid of heights tener vértigo
  • she's at the height of her powers está en plenas facultades
  • she's at the height of her career está en la cumbre de su carrera
  • the height of fashion el último grito
  • it's the height of madness! ¡es el colmo de la locura!
height [haɪt]
1 (measurement) [of object] altura (f); [of person] estatura (f)
to be 20 metres in height medir or tener 20 metros de alto; tener una altura de 20 metros
the plant grows to 2m in height
we are the same height tenemos la misma estatura; somos igual de altos
he's 2 metres in height
he was of medium or average height and build era de estatura y constitución media; he drew himself up to his full height se irguió todo lo alto que era; she's about my height tiene mi altura or es de mi estatura más o menos; he sometimes found his height a disadvantage su altura le resultaba a veces una desventaja
2 (altitude) altura (f)
height above sea level altura (f) or altitud (f) sobre el nivel del mar; at a height of 2,000 m a una altura or altitud de 2.000 m; to gain/lose height ganar/perder altura
to fall from a [great] height it fell like a stone dropped from a great height
hold your arms out at shoulder height levanta los brazos a la altura de los hombros
3 (high place) cumbre (f)
the Lake District seen from the height of Helvellyn the Golan Heights
to be afraid of heights tener miedo a las alturas; tener vértigo; the heights las alturas
an isolated lake on the heights of Bodmin Moor
4 (peak, zenith) cumbre (f); cima (f)
at the height of her career en la cumbre or la cima de su carrera; at its height, the movement had millions of supporters en su punto más álgido, el movimiento tenía millones de seguidores; at the height of the battle en los momentos más críticos de la batalla; the height of fashion la última moda; at the height of summer en pleno verano
he was a brilliant scientist, at the height of his [powers] he died young, at the height of his powers
the dollar has soared to new heights el dólar ha escalado a nuevas cotas
his rhetoric reached [new] heights
I was promoted to the [dizzy] heights of director's secretary
5 (utmost degree) colmo (m)
I think it would be the height of bad manners not to invite them any move to increase its powers would be the height of irresponsibility to do this was considered the height of bad taste
it is the height of arrogance/stupidity es el colmo de la arrogancia/la estupidez
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