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1. oído (m) (sense)
  • hearing aid audífono (m)
  • the hearing impaired las personas con discapacidad auditiva
2. (earshot)
  • to be within/out of hearing estar/no estar lo suficientemente cerca como para oír
3. (chance to explain)
  • to give somebody a fair hearing dejar a alguien que se explique
  • to condemn somebody without a hearing condenar a alguien sin haberlo escuchado antes
4. vista (f) (Law) (inquiry)
hearing [ˈhɪərɪŋ]
1 (sense of hearing) oído (m)
to have good/poor hearing oír bien/poco
Had Beethoven died at Schubert's age, he would not only still have been a mediocre composer, he would still have had good hearing Carter is 100 years old, and except for poor hearing, he's in excellent health
in my hearing estando yo delante; en mi presencia
Robert never mentions him in my hearing
if you must talk about it, do it out of my hearing si tienes que hablar de ello, hazlo sin que yo esté or sin que yo me entere; within/out of hearing (distance) al alcance/fuera del alcance del oído
2 (chance to speak) oportunidad (f) de hablar; (Jur) vista (f); audiencia (f)
he never got a fair hearing en ningún momento se le permitió explicar su punto de vista; (Jur) no tuvo un juicio justo
he always gave a fair hearing to anyone who held a different opinion
to give sb a hearing dar a algn la oportunidad de hablar
hearing aid (n) audífono (m)
hearing problem (n) problema (m) de oído
he has hearing problems tiene problemas de oído
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