"hear" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

(pt & pp heard [hɜːd])
verbo transitivo
1. oír (perceive)
  • to hear somebody speak -> oír hablar a alguien
  • I could hardly hear myself speak -> apenas se oía
  • she was struggling to make herself heard over the noise -> se esforzaba por hacerse oír en medio del ruido
  • let's hear it for… -> aplaudamos a…
  • I've heard that one before! (familiar) -> ¡no me vengas con ésas!, ¡a otro perro con ese hueso! (español de España)
2. escuchar (listen to)
  • hear me out -> escúchame antes
  • hear! hear! -> ¡sí señor!, ¡eso es! (at meeting)
  • to hear a case (Law) -> ver un caso
3. oír (find out)
  • I heard that she was in Spain -> he oído (decir) que estaba en España
  • I hear you're getting married -> tengo entendido que te vas a casar
verbo intransitivo
  • I can't hear properly -> no oigo bien
  • to hear from somebody -> tener noticias de alguien, saber de alguien
  • you'll be hearing from my lawyer! -> ¡mi abogado se pondrá en contacto con usted!
  • to hear about something -> saber de algo
  • they were never heard of again -> nunca se supo nada más de ellos
  • that's the first I've heard of it! -> es la primera noticia que tengo
  • I've never heard of such a thing! -> ¡nunca he oído hablar de nada semejante!
  • I won't hear of it! -> ¡no quiero ni oír hablar de ello!

hear [jiar]
participio pasivo
1. HEARD).
2. Oír, percibir por el órgano del oído cualquier sonido.
3. Dar audiencia o permiso para hablar.
4. Oír, entender, escuchar; obedecer.
5. Oír en justicia o judicialmente.
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
6. Oír, escuchar, saber por relación, tener noticia, estar informado. (n)
  • I hear he is to come back -> tengo entendido que vuelve
  • Pray let me hear from you now and then -> sírvase Ud
  • To hear out -> oír hasta el fin
  • To hear tell of -> (Fam.) Oír o entender por la voz común
darme noticias suyas de cuando en cuando.

hear [hɪəʳ] heard (past)
1 (perceive) [+voice, sound] oír
can you hear me? ¿me oyes?; I can't hear you no te oigo; I can't hear a thing no oigo nada; I heard someone come in he oído entrar a alguien; I heard you talking to her te oí hablar con ella; I never heard such rubbish! ¡en mi vida he oído tantos disparates!
we heard the bells ringing out she heard no further sounds the trumpet can be heard all over their house "I was hot" I could still hear Charlotte say with her delicious French accent people who, maybe, had hardly heard the word until a year or two ago
did you hear what he said? ¿has oído lo que ha dicho?
let's hear it for ... un aplauso para ...
I could hardly make myself heard apenas pude lograr que se me oyera
I have heard it said that ...I've heard tell that ... he oído decir que ...
I can't hear myself think el ruido no me deja pensar or concentrarme
2 (discover, be told) oír
piece of news
have you heard the news? ¿has oído la noticia?; ¿te has enterado de la noticia?; what's this I hear about you getting married? ¿qué es eso que he oído de que te vas a casar?; from what I hear, she hasn't long to live por lo que he oído parece que le queda poco tiempo de vida; I waited to hear the result me quedé esperando para enterarme del resultado; I hear bad reports of him no me hablan bien de él; I'm glad to hear it me alegro; I'm sorry to hear it lo siento; where did you hear that? ¿quién te ha dicho eso?
have you heard the story about her going to Paris?
to hear that ... enterarse de que ...; I heard you're going away me he enterado de que te vas; I hear you've been ill me he enterado de que or he oído decir que has estado enfermo
when I heard that ... he had heard that the trophy had been sold
I haven't heard yet whether I've passed aún no sé si he aprobado
he wanted to hear how I was, and the baby
have you heard anything of or from him since he left? ¿has sabido algo or has tenido noticias de él desde que se fue?
the first I heard of it was when ... lo primero que supe al respecto fue cuando ...
that's the first I've heard of it no tenía ni idea; es la primera noticia que tengo
you haven't heard the last of this! ¡aquí no se acaba esto!
have you heard the one about ...? ¿te sabes el de ...?
3 (listen to) [+radio programme, story] escuchar; oír; [+lecture] escuchar
to hear him (talk) you'd think he was an expert por la forma en que habla, cualquiera creería or diría que es un experto
I heard this play on the radio the other day we gathered round to hear the news on the radio you can hear commentary on the match in about half an hour's time I don't think you've ever heard Doris talking about her emotional life before you should hear it played by a professional orchestra "how many times have I heard that before?" Merchant complained angrily once you've heard one of her lectures you'll realize how brilliant she is
I've heard it all before ya conozco la historia
Lord, hear our prayers Señor, escucha nuestras plegarias or súplicas
to hear sb speak (in public) escuchar a algn
I was the first one to hear her speak again after the accident I was surprised to hear him speak in such a way I've never once heard you speak of anyone without sneering I went twice to hear him speak at Madison Square Garden
he likes to hear himself talk le gusta escucharse a sí mismo
4 (Jur) [+case] ver
he had to wait months before his case was heard the jury have heard evidence from defence witnesses
5 (Rel)
to hear mass oír misa
we heard Mass sung in Spanish in old mountain churches
1 (perceive) oír
I can't hear no oigo; if you don't get out I'll call the police, (do) you hear? si no te vas llamaré a la policía, ¿me oyes?; he doesn't or can't hear very well no oye muy bien
to hear about sth/sb
I heard about it from Maria me enteré por María; lo supe a través de María; did you hear about Liz? ¿te enteraste de lo de Liz?; I don't want to hear about it no quiero oír hablar del tema
I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck the rumours I've been hearing about for years
to hear from sb saber de algn; tener noticias de algn
have you heard from him lately? ¿has sabido algo de él últimamente?; ¿has tenido noticias de él últimamente?; I hear from my daughter every week tengo noticias de mi hija todas las semanas; hoping to hear from you (in letter) esperando recibir noticias tuyas; you will be hearing from my solicitor mi abogado se pondrá en contacto con usted; the police are anxious to hear from anyone who may know her la policía pide a todos los que la conozcan que se pongan en contacto con ellos; what are you hearing from people there? ¿qué opina or dice allí la gente?
drop us a line - it's always great to hear from you you will hear from me soon what we are hearing from the grass roots is a completely different story What are you hearing from Red Cross officials in Vukovar about the situation there? I'm hearing from Moscow there aren't enough vaccines to go round I'm hearing from Republicans that this speech is the most important one of the campaign
to hear of sth (come across) oír hablar de algo; (become aware of) saber de algo
many people haven't heard of reflexology muchas personas no han oído hablar de la reflexología; I've never heard of such a thing! ¡en mi vida he oído cosa igual!; I heard of this school through Leslie supe de esta escuela por or a través de Leslie
when I heard of it
I won't hear of it! (allow) ¡ni hablar!; I offered to pay but she wouldn't hear of it me ofrecí a pagar pero dijo que ni hablar; I always wanted to be an actor but Dad wouldn't hear of it siempre quise ser actor pero papá no me dejó
he wanted to go after her but his friends wouldn't hear of it
to hear of sb (come across) oír hablar de algn; (have news of) saber de algn; tener noticias de algn; everyone has heard of her todo el mundo ha oído hablar de ella or sabe quién es; he wasn't heard of for a long time no se supo nada de él or no se tuvieron noticias de él durante mucho tiempo; he was never heard of again nunca se supo más de él
I've never heard of him
hear! hear! (bravo) ¡sí señor!; ¡eso, eso!

Verb Conjugations for "hear" (go to oír)


I hear I heard I will hear
you hear you heard you will hear
he/she hears he/she heard he/she will hear
we hear we heard we will hear
you hear you heard you will hear
they hear they heard they will hear
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