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1. (of a person)
a. la salud (F)
She is in excellent health.Tiene una salud excelente.
2. (of a population)
a. la salud (F)
The factory poses a public health risk.La fábrica presenta un peligro para la salud pública.
3. (of a company or organization)
a. la salud (F)
The economy is in good health.La economía goza de buena salud.
1. salud (f)
  • to be in good/poor health estar bien/mal de salud
  • the economy is in good health la economía goza de buena salud
  • the Department of health el Ministerio de Sanidad
  • to drink (to) somebody's health brindar a la salud de alguien, brindar por alguien
  • health care atención (f) sanitaria
  • health center centro (m) de salud, ambulatorio (m) (británico)
  • health cover (finanzas) cobertura (f) sanitaria
  • health farm clínica (f) de adelgazamiento
  • health food comida (f) integral
  • health hazard or risk peligro (m) para la salud
  • health insurance (finanzas) seguro (m) de enfermedad
  • health resort centro (m) de reposo
  • the health Service = el sistema de sanidad pública británico (británico)
  • health visitor enfermero(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) visitante
health [helθ]
salud (f)
to be in good/bad health estar bien/mal de salud; he was granted early retirement on grounds of ill health le concedieron la jubilación anticipada por razones de salud; good health! ¡(a tu) salud!; to drink (to) sb's health beber a la salud de algn; brindar por algn; Minister of Health MinistroaMinistra (m) (f) de Sanidad;a Ministra Ministry of Health Ministerio (m) de Sanidad
Secretaría $ de Salud >
Department of Health and Human Services (US) Ministerio (m) de Sanidad y Seguridad Social
health authority (n) administración (f) sanitaria
health benefit (n) (US) subsidio (m) de enfermedad
health care (n) asistencia (f) sanitaria; atención (f) sanitaria
health centre health center (US) (n) centro (m) de salud; centro (m) médico
health club (n) gimnasio (m)
health education (n) educación (f) sanitaria
health farm (n) centro (m) de adelgazamiento
health food(s) (n) alimentos (m) dietéticos; alimentos (m) naturales
health food shop (n) tienda (f) de alimentos dietéticos; herbolario (m)
health hazard (n) peligro (m) para la salud; riesgo (m) para la salud
it's a health hazard presenta un peligro or un riesgo para la salud
health insurance (n) seguro (m) de enfermedad; seguro (m) médico
health problem (n) (personal) problema (m) de salud; (public) problema (m) sanitario
health resort (n) (spa) balneario (m); (in mountains) sanatorio (m)
Health Service (n) (Britain) Servicio (m) de Sanidad; Servicio (m) de Salud Pública
Health Service doctor (n) médico (m) de la Seguridad Social
health spa (n) balneario (m)
The package includes free use of the hotel's health spa facilities
health visitor (n) auxiliar (m) sanitarioasanitaria en asistencia domiciliaria;a sanitaria (en asistencia domiciliaria)
on cigarette packets, adverts There have been suggestions, for example, that sweets should carry a health warning, like cigarettes I think you should put a health warning at the beginning of such prose alerting asthmatics to the danger of reading such stuff without an inhaler to hand
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