1. (of person) 
a. la cabeza (F) 
a fine head of hairuna buena cabellera
to be a head taller than somebodysacar or
from head to foot or toede la cabeza a los pies
to stand on one's headhacer el pino (con la cabeza sobre el suelo)
2. (fig) 
to stand a situation on its headtrastornar completamente una situación
to win by a headganar por una cabeza
3. (fig) 
she's head and shoulders above the other candidatesestá muy por encima de los demás candidatos
4. (medicine) 
head coldcatarro m
head startventaja f
5. (intellect, mind) 
to do sums in one's headsumar mentalmente
to have a good head on one's shoulderstener la cabeza sobre los hombros
to have a good head for business/figurestener (buena) cabeza para los negocios/los números
to have a (good) head for heightsno tener vértigo
he has taken it into his head that…se le ha metido en la cabeza que…
it never entered my head that…nunca se me pasó por la cabeza que…
to put ideas into somebody's headmeter ideas a alguien en la cabeza
6. (colloquial) 
he's not right in the headno está bien de la cabeza
7. (of pin, hammer, garlic, list) 
a. la cabeza (F) 
8. (of arrow) 
a. la punta (F) 
9. (of page, stairs) 
a. la parte superior (F) 
10. (of bed, table) 
a. la cabecera (F) 
11. (on beer) 
a. la espuma (F) 
12. (on tape recorder) 
a. el cabeza (magnética), cabezal (M) 
a head of lettuceuna lechuga
a head of cabbageun repollo
to be at the head of a list/queueencabezar una lista/cola
heads or tails?¿cara o cruz?
to build up a head of steamtomar ímpetu
to come to a headalcanzar un punto crítico
13. (person in charge; of family, the church) 
a. el cabeza (M)la cabeza (F) 
14. (of business) 
a. el jefe(a) (M)la jefe(a) (F) 
15. (school) (United Kingdom) 
head (teacher)director(ora) m,f
16. (school) (United Kingdom) 
head boydelegado de toda la escuela
17. (school) (United Kingdom) 
head girldelegada de toda la escuela
head officesede f, central f
head of statejefe de Estado
head waitermaître m
18. (unit) 
to pay £10 per or a headpagar 10 libras por cabeza
six head of cattleseis cabezas de ganado, seis reses
19. (idioms) 
we put our heads togetherentre todos nos pusimos a pensar
they'll have your head (on a plate) for thisvas a pagar con el pellejo por esto
to bury or have one's head in the sandadoptar la estrategia del avestruz
to give somebody his headdar libertad a alguien
on your own head be itallá tú con lo que haces
to go over somebody's headpasar por encima de alguien
20. (colloquial) 
to shout one's head offdesgañitarse, vociferar
the wine/the praise went to his headse le subió a la cabeza el vino/tanto halago
21. (prov) 
two heads are better than onedos mentes discurren más que una sola
off the top of one's headsin pararse a pensar
it was or went over my headno me di cuenta de nada
I can't make head or tail of thisno le encuentro ni pies ni cabeza a esto
22. (colloquial) 
to lose one's headperder la cabeza or los nervios
23. (colloquial) 
to keep one's headmantener la cabeza en su sitio
24. (colloquial) 
to be off one's headestar mal de la cabeza or como un cencerro
25. (vulgar) 
to give somebody headchupársela or
transitive verb
26. (lead; organization, campaign) 
a. estar a la cabeza de 
27. (list, procession) 
a. encabezar 
28. (direct) 
a. conducir 
one of the locals headed me in the right directionun lugareño me indicó el camino
29. (put a title on; page, chapter) 
a. encabezar, titular 
30. (in soccer) 
to head the ballcabecear el balón, darle al balón de cabeza
intransitive verb
31. (move) 
a. dirigirse 
they were heading out of townsalían de la ciudad
head [hed]
1 (part of body) cabeza (f)
my head aches me duele la cabeza
the horse won by a (short) head el caballo ganó por una cabeza (escasa)
he went head first into the ditch/wall se cayó de cabeza en la zanja/se dio de cabeza contra la pared
the lorry rammed head first into a building
the government is ploughing head first into another crisis el gobierno avanza irremediablemente hacia otra crisis
I crashed head first through the windscreen I hit the floor head first he had apparently fallen head first down the stairwell my mate dived head first through a window and I ran down the hallway
from head to foot de pies a cabeza
we were covered in mud from head to foot
to give a horse its head soltar las riendas a un caballo
to give sb his/her head dar rienda suelta a algn
he recognized ability and gave people their heads
wine goes to my head el vino se me sube a la cabeza
success has gone to his head el éxito se le ha subido a la cabeza
he is not someone to let a little success go to his head
head of hair cabellera (f)
to go head over heels caer de cabeza
to fall head over heels in love with sb enamorarse perdidamente de algn
he tripped and fell head over heels on to the pavement
to keep one's head down no levantar la cabeza; (work hard) trabajar de lo lindo; (avoid being noticed) intentar pasar desapercibido
keep your head down or they'll see us he was one of those students who keep their heads down and stay on the right side of the lecturers I think we'd better keep our heads down until this crisis has blown over
to nod one's head decir que sí or asentir con la cabeza
he was reprimanded for trying to go over the heads of senior officers
to shake one's head decir que no or negar con la cabeza
he stands head and shoulders above the rest les saca más de una cabeza a los demás; los demás no le llegan a la suela del zapato
to stand on one's head hacer el pino
I could do it standing on my head (informal) lo podría hacer con los ojos cerrados
she is a head taller than her sister le saca una cabeza a su hermana
from head to toe de pies a cabeza
we were covered in mud from head to foot
I ought to bang or knock your heads together os voy a dar un coscorrón a los dos (informal)
How can you both be so obstinate? I ought to bank your heads together at the time people said the Queen ought to knock Diana's and Charles's heads together Every decent human being, in England, and Ireland - north and south - wants to bang their leaders' heads together and say, `Get on with it John Major should knock the Cabinet heads together if he's unable to knock everybody's heads together, then questions are going to be raised about his own ability to continue in office
he turned his head and looked back at her volvió la cabeza y la miró
she turned her head from side to side I turned my head to the wall
I can't get my head around that no consigo entenderlo; para mí eso es un misterio
to have one's head up one's arse or ass (US) (be pig-headed) ser cabezón; (be self-obsessed) mirarse al ombligón
Brett, dearie, if you weren't such a colossal fuckwit with your head up your own arse every minute of the day, you could accept the fact that you are heterosexual through and through You got your head up your ass, or what? Then you try to find the fucking killer!
to bite sb's head off echar un rapapolvo a algn
I only asked a simple question - there's no need to bite my head off
to put or lay one's head on the block jugársela; arriesgarse
I'm not laying my head on the block for him she was ready to lay her head on the block - she was so convinced of her ideas
to get one's head down (to work) poner manos a la obra; (to sleep) acostarse; echarse
if you're going to pass those exams you'd better get your head down you go and get your head down for a while - I'll wake you up when they get here
to go over sb's head
they went over my head to the manager pasaron por encima de mí y fueron directamente al gerente
to hold one's head up (high) ir con la frente bien alta or erguida
with head held high con la frente bien alta or erguida
I was so ashamed I felt I'd never be able to hold my head up in their company again now he can hold his head up again
to laugh one's head off desternillarse de risa (informal)
he would laugh his head off at his own jokes they'll laugh their heads off when they see me in this outfit
to stand or turn sth on its head dar la vuelta a algo
on your own head be it! ¡allá tú!; tú sabrás lo que haces
to want sb's head on a plate querer la cabeza de algn
the call for Mr Lamont's head on a plate over the economic crisis is unfair to stand an argument on its head the basis of family life has been stood on its head their's was a nonconformist relationship which turned the standard notion of marriage on its head there was no way to tell that virtually every point of reference in their world would get stood on its head
to turn one's head the other way hacer la vista gorda
some students wanted Malcolm's head on a plate - others wanted him to be glorified as a saint for bringing life to Goldsmiths
heads will roll van a rodar cabezas
the group's problems have led to speculation that heads will roll
to bury or hide or stick one's head in the sand seguir la táctica del avestruz
I can't bury my head in the sand - it's just something I have to deal with, that's all it's no good burying your head in the sand - the problem won't go away he thinks if he buries his head in the sand the problem will go away
to scream/shout one's head off desgañitarse
you can scream your head off if you want to - I'm not changing my mind there's no need to shout your head off - I'm not deaf
I can't make head nor or or tail of it no le encuentro ni pies ni cabeza
I can't make head nor or or tail of what he's saying no entiendo nada de lo que dice
to turn heads llamar la atención
she had the kind of looks that turn heads tenía ese tipo de belleza que llama la atención
the Flying Elephants are already big in their own country and are currently turning heads in America
to keep one's head above water ir tirando
we are keeping our head above water but our cash flow position is not too good I'm just trying to keep my head above water until my financial situation improves to bang or knock sb's heads [together]
2 (intellect, mind) cabeza (f)
use your head! ¡usa la cabeza!; you never know what's going on in his head nunca sabes lo que le está pasando por la cabeza; it's gone right out of my head se me ha ido de la cabeza; se me ha olvidado; it was the first thing that came into my head fue lo primero que me vino a la cabeza
it was above their heads no lo entendían
it's better to come to it with a clear head in the morning es mejor hacerlo por la mañana con la cabeza despejada
to keep a clear head, it's important to get some time off alone he started the job full of ideas and with a clear head
it never entered my head ni se me pasó por la cabeza siquiera
you need your head examining or examined tú estás mal de la cabeza
to have a head for business/figures ser bueno para los negocios/con los números
I have no head for heights tengo vértigo
an extraordinarily effective organizer with a remarkable head for figures
to do a sum in one's head hacer un cálculo mental
he added it all up in his head lo sumó todo mentalmente
he has got it into his head that ... se le ha metido en la cabeza que ...
I wish he would get it into his thick head that ... ya me gustaría que le entrara en ese cabezón que tiene que ...; who put that (idea) into your head? ¿quién te ha metido eso en la cabeza?; don't put ideas into his head no le metas ideas en la cabeza
if only I could get it into his head that he'll never see them again managers have at last got it into their heads that they can no longer rest content with inefficient operations once they get an idea into their heads, they never give up get it into your head that ...
I can't get that tune out of my head no puedo quitarme esa música de la cabeza
it was over their heads no lo entendían
it went way over my head no entendí nada
a lot of the ideas went way over my head half the things she says are over my head
I'm sure if we put our heads together we can work something out estoy seguro de que si intercambiamos ideas encontraremos una solución
so everyone put their heads together and an amicable arrangement was reached Ginny and I will just put our heads together and think of people we know who can steer you into the right places we've got to put our heads together and try and work this out they put their heads together as to how best to use the cash
to take it into one's head to do sth
he took it into his head to go to Australia se le metió en la cabeza ir a Australia
he suddenly took it into his head to go out to Australia to stay with his son
don't worry your head about it no te preocupes; no le des muchas vueltas
don't you worry your head about it - all the arrangements are taken care of
to keep one's head mantener la calma
she was able to keep her head and not panic if you can keep your head while all around you are losing theirs, you are doing OK
to lose one's head perder la cabeza or los estribos
she lost her head and started screaming at me some kid broke in and lost his head when Shaughnessey got home - smashed him too hard it must have been the last straw to Darren and he simply lost his head
to be/go off one's head estar/volverse majara (informal)
you must be off your head! ¡estás como una cabra!
he's gone completely off his head
to be out of one's head (mad) haber perdido el juicio; estar mal de la cabeza; (drunk) estar borracho como una cuba (informal); (on drugs) estar colocadísimo (very_informal); estar como una moto (informal)
he's got his head screwed on (the right way) tiene la cabeza sobre los hombros
to be soft or weak in the head estar mal de la cabeza
I let him talk me into it - I must have gone soft in the head
to go soft in the head perder la cabeza
all that flattery will turn his head todos esos halagos se le subirán a la cabeza
two heads are better than one cuatro ojos ven más que dos
3 (leader) [of firm] directoradirectora (m) (f);a directora especially (Britain) [of school] directoradirectora (m) (f);a directora
I may have put in most of the capital but, in terms of expertise, she is head of the firm his brother was head of the family firm he underwent a role change from head of the family to dependent invalid I was summoned to the head's office
head of department (in school, firm) jefeajefa (m) (f) de departamento;a jefa
head of French el jefe/la jefa del departamento de francés
she herself progressed from technician to Senior Lecturer and Head of Department one afternoon at a Fleet Street newspaper the editor stormed into an office, demanding to know where the head of department was
head of (the) household cabeza (m) de familia
women who clearly ran the home talked of their husbands as the natural head of the household in 1986 a third of all unemployed heads of household were in home ownership
head of state (Pol) jefeajefa (m) (f) de Estado;a jefa
Nigeria retained certain constitutional links with the UK, by retaining the Queen as Head of State heads of government from more than 1oo countries gather in Geneva tomorrow in 1940 Pétain became head of government Chamorro is the first Nicaraguan head of government to be received at a White House state visit in 52 years
4 (top part) [of hammer, pin, spot] cabeza (f); [of arrow, spear] punta (f); [of stick, cane] puño (m); [of bed, page] cabecera (f); [of stairs] parte (f) alta; (on beer) espuma (f); [of river] cabecera (f); nacimiento (m); [of valley] final (m); [of mountain pass] cima (f)
at the head of [+organization] a la cabeza de; [+train] en la parte delantera de; to be at the head of the class ser el mejor de la clase; to be at the head of the league ir a la cabeza de la liga; to be at the head of the list encabezar la lista; to be at the head of the queue ser el primero en la cola; to sit at the head of the table sentarse en la cabecera de la mesa; presidir la mesa
5 (Bot) [of flower] cabeza (f); flor (f)
dried poppy heads
[of corn] mazorca (f)
a head of celery/garlic una cabeza de apio/ajo
a head of lettuce una lechuga
6 (Téc) (on tape-recorder) cabezal (m); cabeza (f) magnética; [of cylinder] culata (f); (Comput) cabeza (f)
reading/writing head cabeza (f) de lectura/grabación
7 (culmination)
to [bring] sth to a head
this will bring matters to a head esto llevará las cosas a un punto crítico
to come to a head [+situation] alcanzar un punto crítico
it all came to a head when he met her yesterday these problems came to a head in September when five of the station's journalists were sacked
8 heads (on coin) cara (f)
it came down heads salió cara; heads or tails? ¿cara o cruz?; ¿águila o sol?; (Méx) to toss heads or tails echar a cara o cruz
heads I win, tails you lose cara yo gano, cruz tú pierdes
9 (no pl) (unit)
20 head of cattle 20 cabezas de ganado (vacuno); £15 a or per head 15 libras por cabeza or persona
this simple chicken dish costs less than o1 a head Ethiopia uses the equivalent of just 20 kilos of oil per head a year
10 (Náut) proa (f)
head to wind con la proa a barlovento or de cara al viento
11 (Geog) cabo (m)
12 (pressure)
head of steam presión (f) de vapor
once they have worked up a good head of steam the locomotive is ready to move off
head of water presión (f) de agua
13 (height) [of water]
there has to be a head of six feet between the tank and the bath el tanque tiene que estar a una altura de dos metros con respecto al baño
14 (title) titular (m); (subject heading) encabezamiento (m)
this comes under the head of ... esto viene en el apartado de ...
[under] this head
transitive verb
1 (be at front of) [+procession, league, poll] encabezar; ir a la cabeza de; [+list] encabezar
the parson, heading the procession, had just turned right towards the churchyard with two weeks to go until the elction, he is still heading the polls
2 (be in charge of) [+organization] dirigir; (Dep) [+team] capitanear
the British team, headed by Linford Christie Michael Wilson, who heads the department's office of civil rights the ruling Socialist Party, headed by Dr Franz Vranitzky Wegner heads a team of government scientists she is now happy in her work and heads a team of 14 people
3 (steer) [+ship, car, plane] dirigir
she headed the car towards town the hijackers told us to head the plane to South Africa he headed the boat for the shore
4 (Ftbl) [+goal] cabecear
he scored a fine headed goal six minutes into the second half he headed the first goal from Poultney's free kick
to head the ball cabecear (el balón)
he headed the ball across the goalmouth
5 [+chapter] encabezar
one chapter is headed "beating the test" salesmen were told of the trust's dissolution in a letter headed "News of Freedom" to head a chapter/a letter (with sth) it prompted me to head the chapter of a book I recently wrote on the subject of Atlantis with the following lines ...
intransitive verb
where are you heading or headed? ¿hacia dónde vas?; ¿para dónde vas?; he hitched a ride on a truck heading or headed west hizo autostop y lo recogió un camión que iba hacia el oeste; he headed up the hill se dirigió hacia la cima de la colina; they were heading home/back to town volvían a casa/a la ciudad
we headed into the mountains it is not clear how many of them will be heading back to Saudi Arabia tomorrow the refugees are finally heading back to Rwanda the plane has already left London and is headed for Cairo
head boy (n) (Britain) (Educ) delegado (m) de la escuela alumno; (alumno)
head buyer (n) jefeajefa (m) (f) de compras;a jefa
she is head buyer for a chain of department stores
head case (n) (Britain) majara (informal) (m); chifladoachiflada (informal) (m) (f);a chiflada
you'd have to be a bit of a head case to do that
head cheese (n) (US) queso (m) de cerdo; cabeza (f) de jabalí; (Esp) carne (f) en gelatina
a head cheese sandwich
head clerk (n) encargadoaencargada (m) (f);a encargada
/the head clerk at the printer's/ called the younger employees together to show them a slightly difficult character which he had looked up in the dictionary we still had a head clerk and assistants in the shop, and Granny had a maid the head clerk at the city's most important bank
head coach (n) (Dep) primeraprimera entrenadoraentrenadora (m) (f);a primera a entrenadora
he was a physical training instructor and head coach of swimming at Yale the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals
head cold (n) resfriado (m) (de cabeza)
I had a bad head cold we asked Achmed, the head cook, if the captain had had anything different to eat from the rest of us
head count (n) recuento (m) de personas
one member of the patrol turned up missing in a head count afterwards the whips know from a head count who is going to win the vote
to take a head count hacer un recuento de personas
officials say their first priority is to take a head count and separate healthy refugees from the sick
head gardener (n) jefeajefa (m) (f) de jardineros;a jefa
Canon was on his way to the head gardener's cottage at 23 he became head gardener to the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth
head girl (n) (Britain) (Educ) delegada (f) de la escuela alumna; (alumna)
head injury (n) herida (f) en la cabeza
she died from severe head injuries he was treated for a head injury and shock
head nurse (n) enfermeroaenfermera (m) (f) jefe;a enfermera
she was the head nurse on the ward Alice O'Connell was the head nurse at the hospital where I worked as an intern
head office (n) sede (f) central
they have moved their head office from London to Bristol I had a visit from a Head Office manager the ANC head office in Johannesburg
head prefect (n) (Britain) (Educ) delegadoadelegada (m) (f) de la escuela alumno/alumna;a delegada (alumno/alumna)
head restraint (n) (Aut) apoyacabezas (m); reposacabezas (m)
head start (n) ventaja (f)
a good education gives your child a head start in life una buena educación sitúa a su hijo en una posición aventajada en la vida
Give me a couple of minutes" head start
to have a head start (over or on sb) (Dep) tener ventaja (sobre algn); he has a head start over other candidates tiene ventaja sobre or les lleva ventaja a otros candidatos; even if he had a head start he couldn't possibly win ni empezando con ventaja podría ganar
Mr Heseltine, however, has a head start over other possible challengers for the leadership Hungarian businessmen have had a head start over most of their Eastern European neighbors JON WALSHAW had a head start on his fellow competitors Seattle has a head start on the rest of the country in this new global economy
head teacher (n) directoradirectora (m) (f);a directora
head waiter (n) maître (m)
head wound (n) herida (f) en la cabeza
blood oozed out of a head wound he was bleeding from a head wound a nasty head wound that needed five stitches
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