he was mad

he was mad
1. (he was angry) 
a. estaba enojado (Latin America) 
He was mad at Melanie until she told him why she was late.Estaba enojado con Melanie hasta que ella le explicó porque llegó tarde.
b. se enfadó (Spain) 
He was mad at me.Se enfadó conmigo.
c. se enojó 
He was mad and punched the wall.Se enojó y golpeó la pared.
2. (he really liked) 
He was mad about Wendy but then they broke up.Estaba loco por Wendy pero se separaron.
b. no direct translation 
For years, he was just mad about wearing green.Por años le encantaba vestirse de verde.
He was mad about that show with the silly monkey.Se volvía loco con aquel programa del mono bobo.
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