have a good summer

have a good summer
1. (used to address one person) 
a. que pases un buen verano (informal) (singular) 
Have a good summer, Larry. I'll see you in September.Que tengas un buen verano, Larry. Te veo en Septiembre.
b. que pase un buen verano (formal) (singular) 
Have a good summer, Professor Hawk.Que pase un buen verano, profesor Hawk.
2. (used to address multiple people) 
a. que pasen un buen verano (plural) 
Have a good summer, kids! - You too, Mrs. Terry!¡Que pasen un buen verano, chicos! - ¡Y usted, Sra. Terry!
intransitive verb phrase
3. (to enjoy the summer) 
Did you have a good summer, George?¿Pasaste un buen verano, George?
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