masculine noun
1. herd (de ganado); flock (de ovejas)
2. bundle (de ropa)

hato [ah’-to]
1. A large herd of cattle (animales). (m)
  • Un hato de carneros -> a flock or fold of sheep
2. Fold, place chosen by shepherds to eat and sleep near their flocks (choza). (America)
3. Provisions for shepherds, for some days’ consumption (víveres).
4. Clothes, wearing apparel (ropa).
5. Heap, cluster, number driven together.
6. Herd, in contempt, a company of men; a crowd, multitude, or meeting of suspicious people.
7. Assemblage, collection, abundance.
8. (coll.) V.
(Amer.) A farm for rearing cattle. CORRILLO.

1 [de ropa] bundle
echarse el hato a cuestas
liar el hato
to pack up
hato y garabato (And) (Caribe) all that one has
menear el hato a algn to beat sb up (familiar)
revolver el hato to stir up trouble
2 (Agr) [de ganado] herd; [de ovejas] flock
3 [de gente] group; crowd; bunch; gang
4 [de objetos, observaciones] lot; heap
5 (Latinoamérica) (rancho) cattle ranch
6 (víveres) provisions
; (p)
7 (choza) shepherd's hut
8 (parada) stopping place of migratory flocks; (of migratory flocks)

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