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1. odio (m) (hatred)
  • hate mail= cartas que contienen amenazas o fuertes críticas
transitive verb
2. odiar, detestar
  • he hates to be contradictedno soporta que le contradigan
  • I hate to admit it but I think he's right(familiar) me cuesta admitirlo, pero creo que tiene razón
hate [heɪt]
odio (m)
transitive verb
odiar; detestar
to hate sb like poison odiar a algn a muerte; I hate having to commute every day no soporto tener que tomar el tren todos los días para ir a trabajar; he hates to be or he hates being corrected no soporta que se le corrija or que le corrijan; I hate to see him unhappy me duele mucho or no soporto verlo triste; I hate to say it, but ... lamento tener que decirlo, pero ...; I hate to trouble you, but ... siento muchísimo molestarle, pero ...
hate campaign (n) campaña (f) or operación (f) de acoso (y derribo)
to mount/wage a hate campaign against sb montar/realizar una campaña or operación de acoso y derribo contra algn
he complained that the press was being encouraged by the government to mount a hate campaign against him A HATE campaign is being waged against a mother after her four sons died in a house fire the Queen's advisers waged a secret hate campaign against the Duchess He said he has become the victim of a hate campaign since he was quizzed by detectives
hate mail (n) cartas (f) amenazantes
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