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1. arreos mpl (of horse); arnés (m) (for safety, of parachute)
2. (idioms)
  • to work in harness with somebody trabajar hombro con hombro con alguien
  • to die in harness morir antes de jubilarse
transitive verb
3. arrear, aparejar (horse); emplear, hacer uso de (resources)
harness [ˈhɑːnɪs]
(for horse) arreos (m); jaeces (m); (safety harness) (for walking a child) andadores (m); correas (f); (on high chair, baby seat) correas (f) de sujeción or seguridad; (for mountaineer etc) arnés (m)
to work in harness (with) trabajar conjuntamente (con)
to die in harness morir con las botas puestas
to get back in harness volver al trabajo
transitive verb
1 [+horse] enjaezar; poner los arreos a; (to carriage) enganchar
to harness a horse to a cart enganchar un caballo a un carro
2 [+resources, energy] utilizar; aprovechar
harness race (n) carrera (f) de trotones
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