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feminine noun
1. flour
  • ser harina de otro costal (figurative) to be a different kettle of fish
  • harina de maíz corn meal
  • harina integral wholemeal flour
1 flour
eso es harina de otro costal that's a different kettle of fish; that's another story
estar en harinas (And) to be broke (familiar)
meterse en harina to get down to it
harina con levadura self-raising flour
harina de arroz ground rice
harina de avena oatmeal
harina de flor extra fine flour
harina de huesos bonemeal
harina de maíz cornflour; corn starch; (EEUU)
harina de patata potato flour
harina de pescado fish-meal
harina de soja soya flour
harina de trigo wheat flour
harina integral wholemeal flour
harina lacteada malted milk
harina leudante (S. Cone)
harina con levadura See culture box in entry harina.
2 (And) (pedacito) small piece
una harina de pan a bit of bread
3 (Caribe) (dinero) money; dough (muy_familiar)
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