1. (means of death) 
Hanging is still used as a method of execution in many countries.El ahorcamiento es todavía una forma de ejecución en muchos países.
b. la horca (F) 
The octogenarian was spared hanging due to his advanced years.La avanzada edad del octogenario le salvó de la horca.
2. (public execution) 
There are several hangings every day in the square.Cada día hay varios ahorcamientos en la plaza.
In the past, people attended a hanging the way one goes to the theater or to a concert.En el pasado, la gente iba a ver una ejecución en la horca como quien va al teatro o a un concierto.
3. (adornment) 
The Christmas hangings are already in place.Las colgaduras navideñas ya están puestas.
b. el tapiz (M) 
We've found the perfect hanging for that wall.Hemos encontrado el tapiz ideal para esa pared.
4. (suspended) 
a. colgante 
I was scared to cross the hanging bridge on horseback.Me dio miedo cruzar a caballo el puente colgante.
5. (punishable by hanging) 
Theft is a hanging offense in that country.El robo es un delito penado con la horca en ese país.
1. (execution) 
a. la ahorcamiento m, ejecución en la horca (F) 
hanging [ˈhæŋɪŋ]
1 (Jur) (death penalty) (ejecución (f) en) la horca; ahorcamiento (m)
hanging would be too good for them (la ejecución en) la horca or el ahorcamiento sería algo demasiado bueno para ellos
(individual execution) ejecución (f) en la horca; ahorcamiento (m)
the last hanging in Britain la última ejecución en la horca en Gran Bretaña; hangings were commonplace then entonces los ahorcamientos eran moneda corriente
2 (curtain) colgadura (f)
we fixed a bedspread to the wall and used it as a hanging they embroidered hangings and vestments for the Church
wall hanging tapiz (m)
she brought some woven wall hangings back from Peru her second-floor apartment was adorned with Indian wall hangings
[+bridge, plant, garden] colgante; [+lamp] de techo; [+cupboard] para colgar
an indoor patio, with a glass roof, hanging plants, and glass doors cheerful flames reflected in hanging copper pans and bedwarmers on the walls he added tiny amounts at a time to the bag on the hanging scales until the needle touched the right number there was a hanging kerosene lamp on a ceiling hook there were rows of hanging lanterns among the trees plants grew out of cracks in the rock, giving the whole the appearance of hanging gardens
hanging space espacio (m) para colgar ropa
hanging basket (n) macetero (m) colgante
Plain metal hanging baskets will look better and last much longer
hanging committee (n) junta (f) seleccionadora de una exposición; (de una exposición)
the 1917 hanging committee rejected "Fountain" on the grounds that it was not sculpture A hanging committee composed of Caillebotte, Monet, Pissarro, and Renoir had decided the overall scheme
hanging judge (n) juezajueza (m) (f) muy severoasevera;a jueza a severa
observers were shocked by 'hanging judge' Patricia Gifford's decision to send Tyson to prison to await his appeal, instead of allowing him to await the decision on bail at home
hanging matter (n)
it's not a hanging matter no es cosa de vida o muerte
hanging offence hanging offense (US) (n) delito (m) que se castiga con la horca
prostitution is a hanging offence there la prostitución allí es un delito que se castiga con la horca; it's not a hanging offence no es cosa de vida o muerte
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hanging out
pasando el rato
hanging out with friends
pasar el rato con amigos
I like hanging out with my friends
me gusta pasar el rato con mis amigos
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