hang up

hang up
transitive verb phrase
1. (suspend; hat, picture) 
a. colgar 
intransitive verb
2. (on telephone) 
a. colgar 
to h up on somebodycolgarle (el teléfono) a alguien
hang up
transitive verb
1 [+coat] colgar
some prisoners climbed onto the roof and hung up a banner
to hang up one's boots colgar las botas
he announced he was hanging up his boots for good anunció que colgaba las botas para siempre
to be hung up on sth estar obsesionado por algo; I've never been hung up on material things nunca me han obsesionado las cosas materiales
my image is not something I'm hung up on
to be hung up on sb estar colado por algn
3 (Telec) [+receiver] colgar
I hung up the phone
1 (be suspended) estar colgado
his hat was hanging up in the hall su sombrero estaba colgado en la entrada
2 (Telec) colgar
don't hang up! ¡no cuelgues!; to hang up on sb colgar a algn
he said he'd call again and hung up on me
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