1. (general) 
a. práctico 
The internship provides students with an oportunity to acquire hands-on experience in a hospital.El internado ofrece a los estudiantes la oportunidad de adquirir experiencia práctica en un hospital.
1. (general) 
he has a hands-on management stylele gusta implicarse en todos los aspectos del negocio
hands-on trainingformación práctica
hands-on [ˌhændzˈɒn]
[+experience] práctico; [+knowledge] personal
the museum has lots of hands-on exhibits se permite manipular un gran número de los objetos expuestos en el museo
an educational ocean-science center, with hands-on exhibits that are lots of fun for parents as well children A British official explained privately: `the Prime Minister has a very hands-on approach and is very interested in all the Gulf developments
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I wash my hands
me lavo las manos
wash hands
lavarse las manos
wash your hands
lávate las manos
shake hands
dar la mano
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