Hammer in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. martillo (m) (tool) (& Sport)
  • to come under the hammer salir a subasta (be auctioned)
  • to go at it hammer and tongs tener una acalorada discusión; (argue) poner mucho empeño or esfuerzo (try hard)
  • the hammer and sickle la hoz y el martillo
transitive verb
2. martillear (hit with hammer); dar puñetazos a (hit with fist)
  • to hammer a nail into something clavar un clavo en algo
  • to hammer home remachar (nail, argument)
  • she hammered home her advantage se aseguró su ventaja
3. dar una paliza a (familiar) (defeat), machacar (español de España)
hammer [ˈhæməʳ]
(tool) martillo (m); (Mús) macillo (m); [of firearm] percusor (m)
the hammer and sickle el martillo y la hoz; to come under the hammer ser subastado
to go at it hammer and tongs (argue) discutir acaloradamente; (fight) luchar a brazo partido; (work) darle duro (informal)
transitive verb
1 [+nail] clavar; [+metal] martillar; batir
to hammer a post into the ground hincar un poste en el suelo a martillazos; to hammer sth into shape [+metal] forjar algo a martillazos; [+team etc] forjar algo a golpes; to hammer a point home remachar un punto; to hammer sth into sb meter algo en la cabeza de algn
2 (defeat, thrash) dar una paliza a (informal); machacar (informal)
intransitive verb
to hammer on or at a door dar golpes en or golpear una puerta; to hammer away at [+subject] insistir con ahinco en; machacar en; [+work] trabajar asiduamente en; to hammer away on the piano aporrear el piano
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