Hail in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. granizo (m) (hailstones); lluvia (f) (sentido figurado) (of blows, bullets, insults)
intransitive verb
  • it's hailing está granizando
1. llamar (attract attention of)
2. aclamar (acclaim)(as como)
  • she has been hailed as the greatest novelist of the century se la ha aclamado como la mejor novelista del siglo
hail [heɪl]
1 (Metal) granizo (m); pedrisco (m)
2 [of bullets] lluvia (f); [of abuse, insults] sarta (f); torrente (m)
intransitive verb
hail [heɪl]
(call) grito (m); (greeting) saludo (m)
within hail al alcance de la voz
hail Caesar! ¡ave or salve, César!; the Hail Mary el Ave (f) María
transitive verb
1 (acclaim) aclamar;as como
to hail sb as king aclamar a algn (como) rey
2 (greet) saludar
3 (call to) llamar; gritar a
4 (signal) [+taxi] llamar; hacer señas a
intransitive verb
to hail from [+person] ser natural de; ser de; he hails from Scotland es (natural) de Escocia; where does that ship hail from? ¿de dónde es ese barco?
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