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feminine noun
1. skill (destreza)
  • tener habilidad para algo -> to be good at something
  • salió del compromiso con habilidad -> she cleverly extricated herself from the situation

habilidad [ah-be-le-dahd’]
1. Ability (capacidad), skill, dexterity in performing. (f)
  • Hombre de gran habilidad política -> a man of great political skill
2. Cleverness, expertness (destreza), mastery, knowledge, talent; cunning. (f)
3. Nimbleness, quickness, speed. (f)
4. Instinct. (f)
noun, plural
5. Accomplishments.

1 (capacidad) ability; (destreza) skill
su habilidad con los ordenadores
tiene mucha habilidad para la pintura she's a very able painter; un hombre de gran habilidad política a man of great political skill; su habilidad con el balón era de leyenda his ball skills were legendary; tiene una gran habilidad para evitar enfrentamientos he's very skilful o clever at avoiding confrontation; tiene habilidad manual he's good o clever with his hands; con habilidad: le sacó el secreto con habilidad he cleverly o skilfully got the secret out of him; defendió su argumento con habilidad he defended his argument skilfully o cleverly
habilidades sociales social skills
2 (Jur) competence

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