Guess in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. conjetura (f) suposición (f)
  • to have or make a guess intentar adivinar
  • at a guess a ojo (de buen cubero)
  • it was a lucky guess lo he adivinado por casualidad
  • it's anybody's guess no se sabe
transitive verb
2. adivinar (estimate)
  • guess who I saw! ¡adivina a quién he visto!
  • you've guessed it! ¡has acertado!
3. suponer (suppose)
  • I guess you're right supongo que tienes razón
intransitive verb
4. adivinar
  • to guess right acertar
  • to guess wrong equivocarse, no acertar
  • to keep somebody guessing tener a alguien en vilo
  • to guess at something hacer suposiciones or conjeturas acerca de algo
guess [ɡes]
(conjecture) conjetura (f); suposición (f); (estimate) estimación (f) aproximada
to make/have a guess adivinar
have a guess I'll give you three guesses a ver si lo adivinas
at a (rough) guess a ojo; my guess is that ... yo creo que ...; it's anybody's guess ¿quién sabe?; your guess is as good as mine! ¡vete a saber!
transitive verb
1 [+answer, meaning] acertar; [+height, weight, number] adivinar
guess what! ¡a que no lo adivinas!; guess who! ¡a ver si adivinas quién soy!; I guessed as much me lo suponía; you've guessed it! ¡has acertado!; I never guessed it was so big nunca supuse que fuera tan grande; I guessed him to be about 20 le eché unos 20 años
2 especially (US) (suppose) creer; suponer
I guess you're right supongo que tienes razón; I guess we'll buy it me imagino que lo compraremos
intransitive verb
1 (make a guess) adivinar; (guess correctly) acertar
you'll never guess no lo adivinarás nunca; he's just guessing no hace más que especular; to keep sb guessing mantener a algn a la expectativa; to guess at sth intentar adivinar algo; all that time we never guessed en todo ese tiempo no lo sospechábamos
2 especially (US) (suppose) suponer; creer
I guess so creo que sí; he's happy, I guess supongo que está contento
Verb Conjugations for adivinar
Gerund: adivinando
Participle: adivinado
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