transitive verb
1. (adornar) 
a. to decorate 
2. (ropa) 
a. to trim 
3. (culinary) 
a. to garnish 
4. (military) 
a. to be garrisoned in 
transitive verb
1 (proveer) to equip; provide; (adornar) to adorn; garnish; (Cos) to trim; (Técnica) to cover; protect; reinforce; [+frenos] to line; [+joya] to set; mount; [+caballo] to harness
2 (Culin) to garnish
carne guarnecida con cebolla y zanahoria meat garnished with onion and carrot
3 (Mil) to man; garrison
4 (Archit) [+pared] to plaster; stucco
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