el guaraní, la guaraní
masculine or feminine noun
1. (member of a South American indigenous people) 
a. Guarani 
Los guaraníes que conozco suelen hablar su idioma y el español o el portugués.The Guaranis I've met usually speak their language and Spanish or Portuguese.
masculine noun
2. (language) 
a. Guarani 
Cuando viví en Paraguay, aprendí algo de guaraní.When I lived in Paraguay, I learned some Guarani.
3. (currency) 
a. Guarani 
Este montón de guaraníes equivale a solo unos 50 dólares.This pile of Guaranis is worth only around 50 dollars.
4. (of Guarani origin) 
a. Guarani 
Mi mujer es guaraní y por eso me fui a vivir a Paraguay.My wife is Guarani and that's why I moved to Paraguay.
(Lingüística) Guarani
Guaraní is an American Indian language of the tupí-guaraní family and is widely spoken in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. In Paraguay it is the majority language and has equal official status with Spanish, which is spoken mainly by non-Indians. In parts of southern Brazil, tupí-guaraní is the basis for a pidgin known as Língua Geral, now losing ground to Portuguese. From guaraní and its sister dialect tupí come words like "jaguar", "tapir", "toucan" and "tapioca".
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