masculine or feminine noun
1. guide (persona)
  • guía espiritual -> spiritual guide (persona, libro)
  • guía turístico -> tour guide, tourist guide
feminine noun
2. guidance (indicación)
3. guide (book) (libro)
  • guía de carreteras -> road atlas
  • guía de conversación -> phrase book
  • guía de ferrocarriles -> train timetable
  • guía telefónica o de teléfonos -> telephone book o directory (peninsular Spanish, RP)
  • guía turística -> tourist guide
4. handlebars (de bicicleta)
5. rail (para cortinas)

guía [gee’-a]
1. Guide, one who directs another in his way (persona). (m & f)
2. Guide, conductor, leader, director, regulator, one who directs another in his conduct. (m & f)
3. Permit, docket; a writing or letter of safe conduct, proving that the customs and duty are paid at the custom house. (f)
4. A young shoot or sucker of a vine. (f)
5. A certain timber in the water-wheels called norias. (f)
6. An instrument of jewellers for guiding drills. (f)
7. Guy, a small rope, to keep weighty things in their places. (Nautical) (f)
8. Earth which indicates the vein of a mine. (f)
9. Guard of a fan. (f)
10. m. (f)
11. Guidance, guiding (acto). (f)
  • Para que te sirva de guía -> for your guidance
12. Guide book; hand book (manual). (f)
  • Guía oficial de ferrocarriles -> official railway guide
  • Guía telefónica -> telephone directory, -pl
13. Horses or mules which go before flee wheel horses or mules; leaders. (f)
14. Guide-lines, reins for controlling the leader horses. (f)
Sergeant or corporal who attends to dressing the line. 1. Trains of powder in rockets or fireworks.

1 (libro) guidebook;de to; (manual) handbook; [de teléfono] directory
guía de campo (Biología) field guide
guía de carga (Ferro) waybill
guía de datos data directory
guía del ocio "what's on" guide
guía del turista tourist guide
guía de teléfonos telephone directory
guía del viajero traveller's o traveler's guide; (EEUU)
guía gastronómica food guide
guía oficial de ferrocarriles (Ferro) official timetable
guía telefónica telephone directory
guía turística tourist guide
2 (orientación) guidance; (acto) guiding
para que le sirva de guía for your guidance
guía vocacional vocational guidance
3 (Informática) prompt
4 (Mecánica) guide; [de bicicleta] handlebars
; (p)
(caballo) leader; front horse;
guías (riendas) reins
guía sonora (Cine) soundtrack
(persona) guide; (dirigente) leader; (consejero) adviser
guía de turismo tourist guide
guide; guiding
manual guía guidebook; cable guía guiding wire; guide rope

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