1. (general) 
a. el rencor m, resentimiento (M) 
to bear somebody a grudgeguardar rencor or resentimiento a alguien
transitive verb
2. (general) 
he paid, but he grudged them every pennyles pagó, pero escatimándoles cada penique
she grudges him his successreconoce su éxito a regañadientes
grudge [ɡrʌdʒ]
resentimiento (m); rencor (m);against a
to bear sb a grudge to have a grudge against sb guardar rencor a algn
transitive verb
1 (give unwillingly) dar de mala gana
to grudge sb sth dar algo a algn a regañadientes
2 (envy) envidiar
I don't grudge you your success no te envidio el éxito; he grudges us our pleasures mira con malos ojos nuestros placeres
3 (resent)
to grudge doing sth hacer algo de mala gana
grudge match (n) (Dep) enfrentamiento (m) entre antagonistas; enfrentamiento (m) entre rivales inconciliables; enfrentamiento (m) personal
Bush knew there was little time left to settle what had become a personal grudge-match with Saddam Hussein /The ratings war between the two chat-show hosts has now turned into a grudge match/
US Masters champion Fred Couples set up a grudge match against Christy O'Connor jnr at St Andrews with a blistering attack on the Irishman yesterday ...manufacturers locked in a contest as bitter as any golfing grudge match Chess is staging two grudge matches this year: Short against Kasparov is one England are playing Greece in the bitterest of all grudge matches
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