1. (ill will) 
a. el rencor (M) 
I'm afraid to talk to him because I think he's still holding a grudge against me.Tengo miedo de hablar con él porque creo que todavía me guarda rencor.
He hasn't spoken to me in ages. How long do you think he'll harbor this grudge?No me habla desde hace casi una eternidad. ¿Por cuánto tiempo crees que va a albergar este resentimiento?
transitive verb
2. (to give unwillingly) 
I can't believe that guy grudged us some gas money; we gave him a ride from New York to Florida!No puedo creer que ese tipo nos haya dado de mala gana dinero para el gas; ¡le dimos aventón de Nueva York hasta Florida!
3. (to envy) 
a. envidiar 
My family grudged me all the money I'd won in the lottery.Mi familia envidiaba todo el dinero que había ganado en la lotería.
4. (to resent) 
I grudged doing my chores because I would have rather gone out with my friends.Hice mis quehaceres de mala gana porque habría preferido salir con mis amigos.
He grudged having to pay his friend after he'd lost the bet.Le dio rabia tener que pagarle a su amigo después de perder la apuesta.
1. (general) 
a. el rencor m, resentimiento (M) 
to bear somebody a grudgeguardar rencor or resentimiento a alguien
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
he paid, but he grudged them every pennyles pagó, pero escatimándoles cada penique
she grudges him his successreconoce su éxito a regañadientes
grudge [ɡrʌdʒ]
resentimiento (m); rencor (m);against a
to bear sb a grudge to have a grudge against sb guardar rencor a algn
transitive verb
1 (give unwillingly) dar de mala gana
to grudge sb sth dar algo a algn a regañadientes
2 (envy) envidiar
I don't grudge you your success no te envidio el éxito; he grudges us our pleasures mira con malos ojos nuestros placeres
3 (resent)
to grudge doing sth hacer algo de mala gana
grudge match (n) (Dep) enfrentamiento (m) entre antagonistas; enfrentamiento (m) entre rivales inconciliables; enfrentamiento (m) personal
Bush knew there was little time left to settle what had become a personal grudge-match with Saddam Hussein /The ratings war between the two chat-show hosts has now turned into a grudge match/
US Masters champion Fred Couples set up a grudge match against Christy O'Connor jnr at St Andrews with a blistering attack on the Irishman yesterday ...manufacturers locked in a contest as bitter as any golfing grudge match Chess is staging two grudge matches this year: Short against Kasparov is one England are playing Greece in the bitterest of all grudge matches
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