"grudge" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. rencor (m) resentimiento (m)
  • to bear somebody a grudge -> guardar rencor or resentimiento a alguien
verbo transitivo
  • he paid, but he grudged them every penny -> les pagó, pero escatimándoles cada penique
  • she grudges him his success -> reconoce su éxito a regañadientes

grudge [grach]
1. Envidiar o apetecer secretamente el bien que otro goz
adjetivo & verbo neutro (intransitivo)
2. Dar o tomar alguna cosa de mala gana.
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
3. Murmurar, mostrar disgusto. (n)
4. Repugnar, hacer de mala gana, admitir con dificultad alguna cosa. (n)
1. Rencor, enemistad antigua, ira envejecida, refunfuño, tirria.
  • He owes him a le debe una jugada -> o una mala partida
2. Ira, mala voluntad.
3. Envidia, odio, aborrecimiento.
4. Remordimiento de conciencia.
5. Cualquier síntoma que indica estar próxima alguna enfermedad.

grudge [ɡrʌdʒ]
resentimiento (m); rencor (m);against a
to bear sb a grudge to have a grudge against sb guardar rencor a algn
1 (give unwillingly) dar de mala gana
to grudge sb sth dar algo a algn a regañadientes
2 (envy) envidiar
I don't grudge you your success no te envidio el éxito; he grudges us our pleasures mira con malos ojos nuestros placeres
3 (resent)
to grudge doing sth hacer algo de mala gana
grudge match (n) (Dep) enfrentamiento (m) entre antagonistas; enfrentamiento (m) entre rivales inconciliables; enfrentamiento (m) personal
Bush knew there was little time left to settle what had become a personal grudge-match with Saddam Hussein /The ratings war between the two chat-show hosts has now turned into a grudge match/
US Masters champion Fred Couples set up a grudge match against Christy O'Connor jnr at St Andrews with a blistering attack on the Irishman yesterday ...manufacturers locked in a contest as bitter as any golfing grudge match Chess is staging two grudge matches this year: Short against Kasparov is one England are playing Greece in the bitterest of all grudge matches

Verb Conjugations for "grudge" (go to el rencor)


I grudge I grudged I will grudge
you grudge you grudged you will grudge
he/she grudges he/she grudged he/she will grudge
we grudge we grudged we will grudge
you grudge you grudged you will grudge
they grudge they grudged they will grudge
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