1. (physical development) 
At this rate of growth, she is going to be six feet tall when she's a teenager.A esta tasa de crecimiento, va a medir seis pies cuando llegue a la adolescencia.
2. (progression) 
The company's growth has been fueled by another round of funding.El desarrollo de la empresa ha sido alimentado por otra ronda de financiamiento.
3. (increase) 
Our goal for this month is a 10% growth in sales.Nuestra meta para este mes es un aumento del 10% en ventas.
4. (medical) 
a. el bulto (M) 
Margarita discovered a growth on her arm.Margarita descubrió un bulto en el brazo.
b. el tumor (M) 
Felipe had a growth removed from his back.A Felipe le quitaron un tumor de la espalda.
5. (facial hair) 
a. no direct translation 
He thought he looked good with two days' growth on his face, but he looked ridiculous.Pensó que lucía bien con una barba de dos días, pero se veía ridículo.
I usually keep about two weeks' growth of a beard.Normalmente mantengo una barba de dos semanas.
6. (vegetation) 
a. el brote (M) 
How long does it take after a forest fire for new growth to appear?¿Cuánto tiempo toma después de un incendio forestal para que aparezcan nuevos brotes?
1. (increase in size) 
a. el crecimiento (M) 
a week's growth of bearduna barba de una semana
a growth areaun área de crecimiento
growth industryindustria en expansión
2. (lump) 
a. el bulto (M) 
growth [ɡrəʊθ]
1 (development) [of person, animal, plant] crecimiento (m)
spiritual growth desarrollo (m) espiritual
malnutrition stunts growth the drug had caused decreased sex drive, unusual growth of body hair, and varied effects of his vocal chords acid mists have damaged leaves and slowed plant growth to reach [full] growth
2 (expansion) [of city] crecimiento (m); (Economics) crecimiento (m); desarrollo (m)
the growth of national industries el desarrollo or el crecimiento de las industrias nacionales
an investment that provides [capital] growth
3 (increase) (in productivity, profits, demand) aumento (m)
the growth in demand has been phenomenal there is usually an immediate growth in productivity of 20 30 per cent they're able to maintain an almost constant growth in sales we cannot account for it's increase in popularity
population growth crecimiento (m) demográfico
the government sought to limit population growth his music experienced a tremendous growth in popularity in the fifties
4 (Bot) (vegetation) vegetación (f); (buds, leaves) brotes (m)
the pine tree was putting out new growth el pino estaba echando brotes nuevos
the exuberance of plant growth may produce overcrowding a long, low, sandy sea island, almost denuded of growth, save a few palmetto trees
5 (beard)
with three days' growth on his face con barba de tres días
6 (Med) tumor (m)
I have cancer. They operated. But the growth is malignant
growth area (n) (Economics) [of country] polo (m) de desarrollo; [of industry] sector (m) en crecimiento or expansión
Communication is a growth area, creative writing perhaps is not Real estate lending has become the biggest growth area for American banks
growth hormone (n) hormona (f) del crecimiento
some athletes are using human growth hormone with, or instead of, steroids the use of illegal growth hormones to treat animals where they are unaware that they are due for slaughter is an area of concern 1,700 youngsters who underwent courses of growth hormone treatment
growth industry (n) industria (f) en crecimiento or expansión
growth point (n) punto (m) de desarrollo
growth potential (n) potencial (m) de crecimiento
the shares are regarded as having excellent growth potential
growth rate (n) (Economics) tasa (f) de crecimiento
growth shares (n) (US)
growth stock See culture box in entry growth.
growth stock (n) acciones (f) con perspectivas de valorización
growth town (n) ciudad (f) en vías de desarrollo
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economic growth
el crecimiento económico
population growth
el crecimiento demográfico
growth rate
la tasa de crecimiento
personal growth
crecimiento personal
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