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(pt grew [gruː], pp grown [grəʊn])
transitive verb
1. cultivar (roses, vegetables)
  • to grow a beard dejarse (crecer la) barba
  • I've decided to grow my hair long he decidido dejarme el pelo largo
  • grow bag = bolsa de compost en la que crecen plantas
intransitive verb
2. crecer (increase in size)
  • it'll grow on you (familiar) te irá gustando con el tiempo (music, book)
  • his influence grew su influencia se acrecentó
  • to grow in wisdom/beauty ganar en sabiduría/belleza
3. hacerse (become)
  • to grow old envejecer
  • to grow big or bigger crecer
  • to grow angry enfadarse (especialmente español de España), enojarse (especialmente Am)
4. (come eventually)
  • they grew to like the house les llegó a gustar la casa
grow [ɡrəʊ] grew (past)grown (participle:past)
intransitive verb
1 [+plant, hair, person, animal] crecer
how you've grown! ¡cómo has crecido!; he has grown five centimetres ha crecido cinco centímetros; she's letting her hair grow se está dejando crecer el pelo; se está dejando el pelo largo; the hair will grow back eventually con el tiempo le volverá a crecer el pelo; that plant does not grow in England esa planta no crece or no se da en Inglaterra; will it grow here? ¿se puede cultivar aquí?
it won't start growing until the frost is over crops grow better in this soil a shift to warmer, cooler or wetter weather means that crops grow better we stop growing at maturity then the hair began to grow again and I felt terrific crystals of natralite that grow in cavities in the rock there were roses growing along the station platform
to grow to or into manhood llegar a la edad adulta
when Quanah grew to manhood, he became a great leader of his people
these sharks can grow to six metres estos tiburones pueden llegar a medir hasta seis metros
2 (increase) (in number, amount) aumentar
the number of unemployed has grown by more than 10,000 el número de parados ha aumentado en más de 10.000; the economy continues to grow la economía sigue en su fase de crecimiento; opposition grew and the government agreed to negotiate la oposición cobró más fuerza y el gobierno decidió entrar en negociaciones; the winds grew to gale force la intensidad del viento aumentó hasta alcanzar velocidades de temporal
the national debt grew to alarming proportions
to grow in popularity ganar popularidad; she has grown in my esteem se ha ganado mi estima
it is a piece that grows in stature and reveals new facets with each new hearing they grew in stature throughout the game holistic medicine is growing in popularity
3 (develop) [+friendship, love] desarrollarse; [+person] madurar
I feel I have grown immensely as a result of the experience siento que he madurado muchísimo como consecuencia de la experiencia; to grow spiritually madurar espiritualmente
they began to grow as persons their friendship grew as time went on
4 (with adjective) (become) volverse; ponerse; hacerse but often translated by vi or reflexive; (but often translated by vi or reflexive)
I grew a little afraid of the guy next door
our eyes gradually grew accustomed to the light los ojos se nos fueron acostumbrando a la luz
to grow angry enfadarse
when he saw that I did not intend to cooperate he began to grow angry
the light grew brighter la luz se hizo más intensa
to grow cold
the coffee had grown cold el café se había enfriado; we grew colder as the night wore on a medida que pasaba la noche nos fue entrando cada vez más frío; it's grown a lot colder, hasn't it? ha enfriado mucho ¿verdad?
his feet were growing cold Stalin's corpse hadn't even grown cold before they had taken Beria it had grown colder as the dusk closed in
to grow dark (gen) oscurecer; (at dusk) oscurecer; anochecer
/the skies grew dark/ and a great wind blew from the west in winter it starts to grow dark at 3 o'clock it was midafternoon but already growing dark
to grow fat engordar
they grew fat off the local peoples' poverty this hormone was implanted in chickens, cattle, and sheep to make them grow fatter
her eyes grew heavy se le cerraban los ojos
she has grown quite knowledgeable on the subject ha aprendido mucho sobre el tema
the noise grew louder el ruido aumentó de volumen
to grow old envejecer(se)
you will realize this as you grow older te darás cuenta de esto a medida que te hagas mayor
I want to grow old gracefully let's grow old together
he grew tired of waiting se cansó de esperar
to grow used to sth acostumbrarse a algo
once we had grown used to the darkness we have grown accustomed to cheap air fares she'd grown used to fending off men with more hands than brains she has slowly grown used to the idea they never did grow used to sleeping together
she grew weaker with each passing day se fue debilitando día tras día
to grow worse
the housing shortage is growing worse la escasez de viviendas es cada vez mayor; she grew worse that day and died during the night ese día se puso peor or su condición empeoró y murió durante la noche
the stench was overpowering and it grew worse Ken's drinking grew worse that winter his lungs grew worse
to grow to like sb llegar a querer a algn; encariñarse con algn; he grew to love his work llegó a tomarle gusto a su trabajo; in time he grew to accept it con el tiempo llegó a aceptarlo
I grew to admire her tremendously the city he had grown to love
transitive verb
1 [+plant, crop] cultivar
I grow my own vegetables tengo mi propio huerto; cultivo mis verduras
organically grown vegetables I grew these plants from seed I always grow a few red onions lettuce was grown by the ancient Romans we tried to grow some copper sulphate crystals with our children to be grown [over] with sth the tennis courts are grown over with grass high walls grown over with vines the wizened rolls of bread, the butter and milk grown over with mould
2 [+hair, beard, moustache, nails] dejarse crecer
she has grown her hair long se ha dejado el pelo largo; se ha dejado crecer el pelo; the lizard grew a new tail al lagarto le salió una cola nueva
it's grown a new leaf to grow horns I'd better start growing my hair
Verb Conjugations for crecer
Gerund: creciendo
Participle: crecido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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