1. (collection of things) 
a. el grupo (M) 
There are four groups of fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, and K.Existen cuatro grupos de vitaminas liposolubles: A, D, E y K.
2. (number of people) 
a. el grupo (M) 
A group of workers went on strike to protest their inhumane working conditions.Un grupo de trabajadores se fue en huelga para protestar las condiciones laborales inhumanas.
My group of friends from high school is planning a farewell party.Mi pandilla de amigos del colegio está planeando una fiesta de despedida.
3. (classification) 
a. el grupo (M) 
Chimps and gorillas belong to the same group of animals.El chimpancé y el gorila pertenecen al mismo grupo de animales.
4. (music) 
a. el grupo (M) 
I can't wait to see my favorite group in concert.No puedo esperar a ver mi grupo favorito en concierto.
The group introduced their new single before the release of their new album.El conjunto lanzó su nuevo single antes de publicar su álbum nuevo.
5. (commerce) 
a. el grupo (M) 
The editorial group decides which contents are featured in its publications.El grupo editorial decide qué contenido se incluye en sus publicaciones.
transitive verb
6. (to classify) 
a. agrupar 
My niece always groups her jelly beans according to color before eating them.Mi sobrina siempre agrupa sus habas de jalea por colores antes de comérselas.
7. (to bring together) 
a. agrupar 
Group the students by age and distribute the exercises to each one.Agrupa a los estudiantes por edades y reparte los ejercicios a cada uno.
pronominal verb
8. (to form a group) 
a. agruparse 
When the actor left the hotel, tons of fans grouped around him asking for autographs.Cuando el actor salió del hotel, un montón de fans se agruparon a su alrededor pidiéndole autógrafos.
1. (general) 
a. el grupo (M) 
group decisiondecisión colectiva
group dynamicsdinámica de grupo
group photographfotografía de grupo
group therapyterapia de grupo
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. agrupar 
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
a. agruparse 
group [ɡruːp]
1 [of people, objects] grupo (m); (for specific purpose) agrupación (f); asociación (f); (gang) pandilla (f); banda (f); (Mús) conjunto (m); grupo (m); [of languages] familia (f)
they stood in a group estaban en grupo
I'm not really part of their group I joined my local women's group I came across a group of deer in the forest
ethnic group grupo (m) étnico
The city is struggling to prove that all three ethnic groups can live together
family group familia (f); grupo (m) familiar
a portrait painted in 1837 depicting a family group a variety of table sizes permits different seating arrangements; you can meet new people or remain within your own family group
a human rights group una agrupación or asociación pro derechos humanos
she belongs to a [singing] group
a [support] group for victims of crime
2 (Comm) [of companies] grupo (m)
the Hawker-Siddeley Group Sir Frank Sprigges was Group Managing Director the Thorsons Publishing Group
transitive verb
(also group together) agrupar
we group the children by ability agrupamos a los niños según sus habilidades; we grouped ourselves around the piano nos agrupamos alrededor del piano; the report's conclusions are grouped together under one heading las conclusiones del informe están agrupadas bajo un mismo encabezamiento
the object of this analysis is to group customers together according to their most important needs Draw conclusions and make recommendations. Decide whether to group these in a section on their own or at the end of each division in the report I was surprised and a bit hurt that he would group me in the same category as the patients we group students into four categories an electoral alliance grouping all the opposition parties the skiers are grouped by ability, not age
intransitive verb
the children grouped around her los niños se agruparon alrededor de ella
His men were grouping around him, agitatedly reporting on events
group booking (n) reserva (f) hecha para un grupo
nearly all of the seats were taken up by group bookings we offer discounts for groups bookings we would prefer the seats all together - it's a group booking
group captain (n) (Britain) (Aer) jefe (m) de escuadrilla
group discussion (n) debate (m) en grupo
group dynamics (n) dinámica (f) de grupo
group photo (n) foto (f) de conjunto
group practice (n) (Med) consultorio (m) (de médicos)
she and several other doctors formed a group practice she's the receptionist in a group practice my local doctor's is a group practice The advantages of group practices are that they permit the doctors to organize their work better, enabling them to have time off instead of being permanently on call
group sex (n) sexo (m) en grupo
group therapy (n) terapia (f) de grupo
When grupo is followed by de + plural noun, following verbs can be in the plural or, less commonly, in the singular:
A group of youths came up to him Un grupo de jóvenes se le acercaron or se le acercó
Otherwise, use the singular form of the verb:
The group is or are well-known for being aggressive El grupo es conocido por su agresividad
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