1. (disgusting) 
What a gross story! That bit about the roaches gave me the creeps.¡Qué historia tan repugnante! La parte sobre las cucarachas me dio escalofríos.
b. asqueroso 
It is a gross smelling fruit, but they seem to appreciate it in that country.Es una fruta con un olor asqueroso, pero parece gustarles en ese país.
2. (total) 
a. bruto 
Their gross income has dropped as a result of the crisis.Sus ingresos brutos han caído por culpa de la crisis.
3. (blatant) 
a. craso 
Employing him at the company was a gross mistake.Contratarlo en la empresa fue un craso error.
transitive verb
4. (to earn) 
Our company grossed $10,000 last month.Nuestra empresa obtuvo unos beneficios brutos de 10.000 dólares el mes pasado.
1. (quantity) 
a. la gruesa f, doce docenas (F) 
two grossdos gruesas
2. (fat) 
a. muy gordo(a) 
3. (blatant; error, ignorance) 
a. craso(a) 
4. (stupidity, indecency, incompetence) 
a. tremendo(a) 
5. (law) 
a. no direct translation 
gross negligencenegligencia grave
6. (vulgar; joke, person) 
a. basto(a), grosero(a) 
7. (profit, income) 
a. bruto(a) 
8. (economics) 
a. no direct translation 
gross domestic productproducto interior, interno bruto
9. (commerce) 
a. no direct translation 
gross marginbeneficio or margen bruto
10. (economics) 
a. no direct translation 
gross national productproducto nacional bruto
gross weightpeso bruto
11. (colloquial) 
a. asqueroso(a) (disgusting) 
transitive verb
12. (profit) 
a. ganar en bruto 
she grosses £40,000 a yeargana 40.000 libras brutas al año
gross [ɡrəʊs] grosser (comparative)grossest (superlative)
1 (unacceptable) [+injustice, inequality, mismanagement] flagrante; [+exaggeration, simplification] burdo
a gross injustice has been done to him se ha cometido una flagrante injusticia con él; gross ignorance ignorancia (f) supina; crasa ignorancia (f); gross incompetence incompetencia (f) absoluta
Once again ordinary people are paying for this Government's gross incompetence Were you aware of the bias in the figures? If you claim that you were not, you demonstrate gross incompetence
gross violations of human rights flagrantes violaciones de los derechos humanos; that is a gross understatement eso es quedarse muy corto
2 (revolting) [+person, remark, joke] ordinario; basto
he's totally gross es de lo más basto; (how) gross! ¡qué asco! (informal)
3 (tasteless) ordinario; de muy mal gusto
she was wearing really gross earrings llevaba unos pendientes de lo más ordinario or de un gusto pésimo
4 (obese) gordísimo; cebón (informal)
after eating so much chocolate she felt really gross después de comer tanto chocolate se sentía como una bola or foca (informal)
5 (total) [+income, profit, weight] bruto
their gross income is £205 a week sus ingresos brutos son de 205 libras a la semana; its gross weight is 100 grams su peso bruto es de 100 gramos
(in total) [+earn, pay, weigh] en bruto
she earns £30,000 gross per annum gana 30.000 libras al año brutas or en bruto; it weighs 12kg gross pesa 12 kilos brutos or en bruto; how much do you earn gross? ¿cuánto ganas bruto or en bruto?
transitive verb
(Comm) (gen) obtener unos ingresos brutos de; (from savings, bonds) obtener unos beneficios brutos de
we should gross 30 million next year
the company grossed \$100,000 last year el año pasado la compañía obtuvo unos beneficios brutos de 100.000 dólares
1 grosses (plural) (total income) ingresos (m) brutos
what were the grosses on his last film?
2 gross (plural) (twelve dozen) doce docenas (f)
he bought them by the gross los compró en cantidades de doce docenas
gross domestic product (n) (Economics) producto (m) interno bruto
gross indecency (n) (Jur) ultraje (m) contra la moral pública
The Bishop of Gloucester, Peter Ball, resigned after admitting acts of gross indecency with a 17-year-old monk
gross national product (n) (Economics) producto (m) nacional bruto
gross negligence (n) (Jur) culpa (f) grave
he is being sued for gross negligence by investors There were fatal accidents on site due to gross negligence
gross output (n) (Ind) producción (f) bruta
It has been a period of spectacular growth. Gross output increased fourfold
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