Grosero in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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1. (impolite)
a. rude
No seas grosera, trátame con respeto.Don't be rude, treat me with respect.
2. (language)
a. crude
No uses ese lenguaje grosero en mi casa.Don't use that crude language in my house.
3. (coarse)
a. rough
Esta chaqueta está hecha de material grosero.This jacket is made of rough material.
feminine or masculine noun
4. (impolite)
a. rude person
Su ex-marido es grosero, no me cae bien. Her ex-husband is a rude person, I don't like him.
grosero, -a
1. rude, crude (maleducado)
2. coarse, rough (tosco)
masculine or feminine noun
3. rude person
(descortés) rude; (ordinario) coarse; vulgar; (tosco) rough; loutish; (indecente) indelicate;
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