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1. mozo (m) de cuadra (of horse)
2. novio (m) (at wedding)
transitive verb
3. almohazar (horse); preparar (sentido figurado) (candidate)
groom [ɡruːm]
1 (in stable) mozo (m) de cuadra
2 (bridegroom) novio (m)
transitive verb
1 [+horse] almohazar; cuidar
to groom o.s. acicalarse
At least the guy had learned how to groom himself. Next he had to learn not to dress too flashy
the cat was grooming itself el gato se lamía; well groomed [+person] muy acicalado
2 (prepare) [+person]
to groom sb as/to be preparar a algn para/para ser; to groom sb for a post preparar a algn para un puesto
3 [+paedophile] [+child] ganarse la confianza de
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