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masculine noun
1. shout (chillido) ; cry, scream (de dolor, miedo) ; cry (de sorpresa, de animal)
  • se escuchaban los gritos de los manifestantes you could hear the demonstrators chanting
  • dar o pegar un grito to shout o scream (out)
  • a grito limpio o pelado (informal) at the top of one's voice
  • hablar a gritos to shout, to talk at the top of one's voice
  • pedir algo a gritos (figurative) to be crying out for something
  • poner el grito en el cielo (informal) to hit the roof
  • ser el último grito to be the latest fashion o craze, to be the in thing
  • grito de dolor cry of pain
  • grito de guerra war o battle cry
1 (voz alta) shout; (chillido) scream; [de animal] cry; sound
a gritos at the top of one's voice; ¡no des esos gritos! stop shouting like that!; llorar a gritos to weep and wail; pegar o lanzar un grito to cry out; gritos de protesta shouts of protest
poner el grito en el cielo to scream blue murder (familiar)
pedir algo a gritos
esa chica está pidiendo un corte de pelo a gritos that girl badly needs a haircut
a grito pelado at the top of one's voice
es el último grito it's the very latest; it's the latest thing
es el último grito del lujo it's the last word in luxury
a voz en grito at the top of one's voice
2 (abucheo) jeer
3 (Latinoamérica) proclamation
el grito de Dolores the proclamation of Mexican independence (1810)
grito de independencia proclamation of independence
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